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advice on sending mouse movement, clicks to a minimized window

I have a programme written in C++, the programme is unmanaged and is an
executable, i don't have any source code. I'm writing a C# program.

I want to
(a) start the programme minimized.
(b) send keystrokes to the programme, and mouse strokes.

Can you please tell me how I would do this assuming the programme is
called "c:\programme.e xe"

What i need to do is :
launch the programme, move the mouse to a certain position, click,
enter some keyboard strokes, press enter, then move the mouse, click

*Also one other thing that i would like to know is if it is possible to
start the programme and not list it as running on the taskbar.



Dec 19 '06 #1
3 3607
Just to clarify the program i want to start minimized is the C++

TIA Gary-

Dec 19 '06 #2
Just to further clarify - i would like to complete all the mouse
movement, and keyboard strokes while the program is minimized / not

And for future reference I will re read my post a number of times, so i
dont repeat this process of having to clarify my original post twice!



Dec 19 '06 #3
ga********@mywa y.com wrote:
>launch the programme, move the mouse to a certain position, click,
enter some keyboard strokes, press enter, then move the mouse, click
This is a difficult task.

To launch the program, use Process.Start

Instead of running minimized, I think you should try repositioning it
offscreen. I'd try interop with the win32 function SetWindowPositi on,
but maybe there's a way to do it in .net. This function can also hide
it. But some applications might behave differently if they're
hidden/minimized, which is why that might not work. Another way to
hide it from the taskbar is win32 function GetWindowLong(G WL_EXSTYLE)
to give it WS_EX_TOOLWINDO W.

To find its window, I've used interop with the win32 function
"FindWindow ". And I've used this to navigate down to the appropriate

To enter keyboard strokes and click buttons, it's nicer instead if you
post the appropriate messages direct to the controls. To learn which
messages to send where, you should read a lot of MSDN about common
controls and their messages, eg. BN_CLICKED and EM_SETTEXT and so on.
There's a lot of reading for you to do. I don't know the .net calls
for sending messages to a window. You could use interop with
Otherwise, if those aren't working, you can spoof mouse movement and
keyboard strokes at a lower level. This is a worse solution, more
clunky, so avoid it if possible. Here's some example code to get you
[System.Runtime. InteropServices .StructLayout(S ystem.Runtime.I nteropServices. LayoutKind.Sequ ential)]
public struct MOUSEINPUT
{ public static MOUSEINPUT Zero()

mi.type1=INPUT_ MOUSE;mi.dx1=0; mi.dy1=0;mi.mou seData1=0;mi.dw Flags1=0;mi.tim e1=0;mi.dwExtra Info1=IntPtr.Ze ro;

mi.type2=INPUT_ MOUSE;mi.dx2=0; mi.dy2=0;mi.mou seData2=0;mi.dw Flags2=0;mi.tim e2=0;mi.dwExtra Info2=IntPtr.Ze ro;
return mi;
public int Size() {return (int)Count()*28 ;}
public UInt32 Count() {if (dwFlags2!=0) return 2; else if
(dwFlags1!=0) return 1; else return 0;}
public Int32 type1, dx1,dy1, mouseData1, dwFlags1, time1; public
IntPtr dwExtraInfo1;
public Int32 type2, dx2,dy2, mouseData2, dwFlags2, time2; public
IntPtr dwExtraInfo2;
const Int32 INPUT_MOUSE=0;
const Int32 MOUSEEVENTF_LEF TDOWN=0x0002;
const Int32 MOUSEEVENTF_LEF TUP = 0x0004;
const Int32 MOUSEEVENTF_ABS OLUTE = 0x8000;
[System.Runtime. InteropServices .DllImport("use r32.dll")]
public static extern UInt32 SendInput(UInt3 2 nInputs, ref MOUSEINPUT
pInputs, Int32 cbSize);
public Form1()
{ InitializeCompo nent();

private void button2_Click(o bject sender,EventArg s e)
{ MessageBox.Show ("click2");

int state=1;

private void button1_Click(o bject sender,EventArg s e)
{ state=1;

private void timer1_Tick(obj ect sender,EventArg s e)
{ if (state==0) return;
if (state==1)
{ Point pt=new Point(button2.W idth/2,button2.Heigh t/2),
oldpos=Cursor.P osition;
Cursor.Position = button2.PointTo Screen(pt);
uint r=SendInput(mi. Count(), ref mi, mi.Size());
if (r==mi.Count()) Console.Beep();
state=3; return;
if (state==3)
{ mi.dx1=0; mi.dy1=0; mi.dwFlags1=MOU SEEVENTF_LEFTUP ; uint
r=SendInput(1,r ef mi, mi.Size());
if (r==1) Console.Beep();
state=0; return;
Dec 19 '06 #4

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