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[QQ] Setting SendTimeout on TCPIP Sockets

Dear Group,

I am having a problem setting SocketOptionNam e.SendTimeout on a client
TCPIP application using the sockets in .NET. From the on-line help it
is possible to set a SocketOptionNam e.SendTimeout for sends on TCPIP

In all the tests that I have done with both Async and Sync sends the
send returns immediately with the number of bytes sent (< 100 in my

However the send may not have actually completed sending the data at
this time.

In the example below I connect to a server and then remove the
ethernet cable from the server and press the send button on my
application. I expect since the send has not delivered the packet to
the server that the send would time-out and an exception would occur.

However what actually happens is the send returns immediately
reporting that the data has been sent. I can see from a protocol
analyser that Windows tries to resend the data several times.

In my application I need to know that the data has not been sent as
after the timeout period as it is not valid any more. I do not want
windows to try to continue sending it after this timeout period.l

How can I detect that the data has not actually been sent within the
timeout period to the remote server?

How does Windows tell my TCPIP application that the data was not sent?
Is there an event that I need to look for?

Does Windows store the data in an internal buffer then forward the
messages from my application? Is it possible to inquire into this
buffer that the data has been delivered or timed-out to the remote
using System;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Collecti ons;
using System.Componen tModel;
using System.Windows. Forms;
using System.Data;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.Sock ets;

namespace simplesend
public class Form1 : System.Windows. Forms.Form
private Socket tcpsocket;
private System.Windows. Forms.Button Connect;
private System.Windows. Forms.Button Send;
private System.Windows. Forms.Label ConnectionStatu s;
private System.Windows. Forms.Label SendStatus;
private System.Componen tModel.Containe r components = null;

public Form1()
InitializeCompo nent();

protected override void Dispose( bool disposing )
if( disposing )
if (components != null)
components.Disp ose();
base.Dispose( disposing );

#region Windows Form Designer generated code

private void InitializeCompo nent()
this.Connect = new System.Windows. Forms.Button();
this.Send = new System.Windows. Forms.Button();
this.Connection Status = new System.Windows. Forms.Label();
this.SendStatus = new System.Windows. Forms.Label();
this.SuspendLay out();

this.Connect.Lo cation = new System.Drawing. Point(80, 16);
this.Connect.Na me = "Connect";
this.Connect.Si ze = new System.Drawing. Size(128, 48);
this.Connect.Ta bIndex = 2;
this.Connect.Te xt = "Connect";
this.Connect.Cl ick += new System.EventHan dler(this.Conne ct_Click);

this.Send.Locat ion = new System.Drawing. Point(72, 128);
this.Send.Name = "Send";
this.Send.Size = new System.Drawing. Size(136, 56);
this.Send.TabIn dex = 3;
this.Send.Text = "Send";
this.Send.Click += new System.EventHan dler(this.Send_ Click);

this.Connection Status.Location = new System.Drawing. Point(88, 72);
this.Connection Status.Name = "ConnectionStat us";
this.Connection Status.Size = new System.Drawing. Size(112, 24);
this.Connection Status.TabIndex = 4;
this.Connection Status.Text = "Not Connected";

this.SendStatus .Location = new System.Drawing. Point(88, 200);
this.SendStatus .Name = "SendStatus ";
this.SendStatus .Size = new System.Drawing. Size(120, 16);
this.SendStatus .TabIndex = 5;
this.SendStatus .Text = "Nothing Sent";

this.AutoScaleB aseSize = new System.Drawing. Size(5, 13);
this.ClientSize = new System.Drawing. Size(292, 266);
this.Controls.A dd(this.SendSta tus);
this.Controls.A dd(this.Connect ionStatus);
this.Controls.A dd(this.Send);
this.Controls.A dd(this.Connect );
this.Name = "Form1";
this.Text = "Form1";
this.ResumeLayo ut(false);

static void Main()
Application.Run (new Form1());

private void Connect_Click(o bject sender, System.EventArg s e)
tcpsocket = new Socket(AddressF amily.InterNetw ork, SocketType.Stre am,
ProtocolType.Tc p);
tcpsocket.SetSo cketOption(Sock etOptionLevel.S ocket,
SocketOptionNam e.SendTimeout, 5000);
IPEndPoint remoteServerEnd Point = new IPEndPoint(
IPAddress.Parse ("") , 5000 );
tcpsocket.Block ing = true;
tcpsocket.Conne ct(remoteServer EndPoint);
catch (SocketExceptio n socketException )
socketException = socketException ;
if (tcpsocket.Conn ected) ConnectionStatu s.Text = "Connected" ;

private void Send_Click(obje ct sender, System.EventArg s e)
Byte[] buffer = new byte[5];
buffer[0] = System.Convert. ToByte('H');
buffer[1] = System.Convert. ToByte('e');
buffer[2] = System.Convert. ToByte('l');
buffer[3] = System.Convert. ToByte('l');
buffer[4] = System.Convert. ToByte('o');
int numBytes = 0;
numBytes = tcpsocket.Send (buffer, SocketFlags.Non e);
if (tcpsocket.Conn ected) SendStatus.Text = numBytes.ToStri ng();
catch (SocketExceptio n socketException )
socketException = socketException ;
Nov 16 '05 #1
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