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SOS! ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE && MS's Bug??

ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE && MS's Bug??

DataBase:Oracle 817
using OracleClient,ne t framework 1.1

I'm using ADO.Net in C# with Oracle 817.

and following is my public data access class.

using System.Data.Ora cleClient;
public class ComFun
static public IDataReader ComFun_ExeReade r(string Sql)
OracleConnectio n Conn=new
OracleConnectio n(Configuration Settings.AppSet tings["OracleConnecti onString"]
OracleCommand Cmd=new OracleCommand() ;
Cmd.CommandText =Sql;
Cmd.Connection= Conn;
OracleDataReade r
Reader=Cmd.Exec uteReader(Comma ndBehavior.Clos eConnection);
return Reader;

static public DataSet ComFun_ExeDatas et(string Sql)
OracleConnectio n Conn=new
OracleConnectio n(Configuration Settings.AppSet tings["OracleConnecti onString"]
OracleDataAdapt er Ad=new OracleDataAdapt er(Sql,Conn);
DataSet ds=new DataSet();
return ds;

static public Object ComFun_ExeScala r(string Sql)
OracleConnectio n Conn=new
OracleConnectio n(Configuration Settings.AppSet tings["OracleConnecti onString"]
OracleCommand Cmd=new OracleCommand() ;
Cmd.CommandText =Sql;
Cmd.Connection= Conn;
Object Obj=Cmd.Execute Scalar();
return Obj;
in other .cs files i always coding like this

string sql="select person_name,per son_age from person";
IDataReader Reader=ComFun.C omFun_ExeReader (sql);
DropList.DataSo urce=Reader;
DropList.DataTe xt.....="person _name";
DropList.DataBi nd();
Reader.Close(); Reader.Dispose( );
but sometimes returning the following exception "ORA-03114: not connected to
ORACLE". sometimes not.


I find a article


And find this one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Bachar

I'm using ADO.Net in C# with Oracle9i Release
when loosing the connection with the Oracle database server the connections
doesn't recover and always returning the following exception even when the
connection has been restore:
"ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE". I'm closing the connection properly in
that it will return to the connection pool. Here is an example code:

using(OracleCon nection conn = new OracleConnectio n(connectionStr ing))
using(OracleCom mand cmd = new OracleCommand(s ql, conn))
object obj = cmd.ExecuteScal ar();

This should close the connection properly. In the MSDN it is mention that if
the connection pooler detect that the connection with the server has been
severed it will remove the connection from the connection pool. It appears
that this is not happening an I always get bad connections from the pool,
even after the connection with the database server has been restore. How can
I solve this? What is the proper way to recover from connection lost with
database server?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
Angel Saenz-Badillos[MS] (VIP)!!!!!!!!!! !
I am sorry this one is my fault and it is a very bad
bug.!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! The problem here
is that our pooler fails to understand that a 03114 exception means we
should not put the connection back in the pool. We have a QFE that fixes
this problem by discarding the connection in the following Oracle
exceptions. Please let me know if you know of any other exceptions that also
result in a connection no longer being valid.

oracle exceptions checked
case 18: // max sessions exceeded,
case 19: // max session licenses exceeded
case 24: // server is in single process mode
case 28: // session has been killed
case 436: // oracle isn't licensed
case 1012 //not logged on error
case 1033: // startup/shutdown in progress
case 1034: // oracle not available
case 1075: // currently logged on
case 3113: // end-of-file on communication channel
case 3114: // not connected to ORACLE
case 12154: // can't resolve service name
case 12xxx //any error starting with 12 thousand

To get the fix please contact PSS directly and request QFE 830173
???? Does It's MS's BUG?

And What should I Do?

Nov 16 '05 #1
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