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File's custom attributes

How can i read/write file's custom attributs(like subject,author. ..) in

Thanks :))
Nov 15 '05 #1
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Gets the FileAttributes of the file on the path.

[Visual Basic]
Public Shared Function GetAttributes( _
ByVal path As String _
) As FileAttributes
public static FileAttributes GetAttributes(
string path
public: static FileAttributes GetAttributes(
String* path
public static function GetAttributes(
path : String
) : FileAttributes;
The path to the file.
Return Value
The FileAttributes of the file on the path, or -1 if the path or file is not

Exception Type Condition
ArgumentExcepti on path is empty, contains only white spaces, or
contains invalid characters.
PathTooLongExce ption The specified path, file name, or both exceed the
system-defined maximum length. For example, on Windows-based platforms,
paths must be less than 248 characters, and file names must be less than 260
NotSupportedExc eption path is in an invalid format.
DirectoryNotFou ndException The specified path is invalid, such as
being on an unmapped drive.

The path parameter is permitted to specify relative or absolute path
information. Relative path information is interpreted as relative to the
current working directory. To obtain the current working directory, see
GetCurrentDirec tory.

For an example of using this method, see the Example section below. The
following table lists examples of other typical or related I/O tasks.

To do this... See the example in this topic...
Create a text file. Writing Text to a File
Write to a text file. Writing Text to a File
Read from a text file. Reading Text from a File
Append text to a file. Opening and Appending to a Log File

FileInfo.Append Text

Rename or move a file. File.Move

Read from a binary file. Reading and Writing to a Newly Created Data
Write to a binary file. Reading and Writing to a Newly Created Data
Set file attributes. SetAttributes

[Visual Basic, C#, C++] The following example demonstrates the GetAttributes
and SetAttributes methods by applying the Archive and Hidden attributes to a

[Visual Basic]
Imports System
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Text

Public Class Test
Public Shared Sub Main()
Dim path As String = "c:\temp\MyTest .txt"
' Delete the file if it exists.
If File.Exists(pat h) = False Then
File.Create(pat h)
End If

If (File.GetAttrib utes(path) And FileAttributes. Hidden) =
FileAttributes. Hidden Then
' Show the file.
File.SetAttribu tes(path, FileAttributes. Archive)
Console.WriteLi ne("The {0} file is no longer hidden.", path)
' Hide the file.
File.SetAttribu tes(path, File.GetAttribu tes(path) Or
FileAttributes. Hidden)
Console.WriteLi ne("The {0} file is now hidden.", path)
End If
End Sub
End Class
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;

class Test
public static void Main()
string path = @"c:\temp\MyTes t.txt";
// Delete the file if it exists.
if (!File.Exists(p ath))
File.Create(pat h);

if ((File.GetAttri butes(path) & FileAttributes. Hidden) ==
FileAttributes. Hidden)
// Show the file.
File.SetAttribu tes(path, FileAttributes. Archive);
Console.WriteLi ne("The {0} file is no longer hidden.", path);
// Hide the file.
File.SetAttribu tes(path, File.GetAttribu tes(path) |
FileAttributes. Hidden);
Console.WriteLi ne("The {0} file is now hidden.", path);
#using <mscorlib.dll >

using namespace System;
using namespace System::IO;
using namespace System::Text;

void main() {
String* path = S"c:\\temp\\MyT est.txt";
// Delete the file if it exists.
if (!File::Exists( path)) {
File::Create(pa th);

if ((File::GetAttr ibutes(path) & FileAttributes: :Hidden) ==
FileAttributes: :Hidden) {
// Show the file.
File::SetAttrib utes(path, FileAttributes: :Archive);
Console::WriteL ine(S"The {0} file is no longer hidden.", path);
} else {
// Hide the file.
File::SetAttrib utes(path,
static_cast<Fil eAttributes>(Fi le::GetAttribut es(path) |
FileAttributes: :Hidden));
Console::WriteL ine(S"The {0} file is now hidden.", path);

Duncan McNutt
Microsoft Product Deactivation Team
"StGo" <go******@nes s-isi.com> wrote in message
news:eQ******** ******@TK2MSFTN GP09.phx.gbl...
How can i read/write file's custom attributs(like subject,author. ..) in

Thanks :))

Nov 15 '05 #2
Hi, StGo:
If you mean the summary(auther, title, subject) properties of files
on NTFS or ole ducments, you may want to check out Dsofile activx control
provided by Microsoft. You need to download it from the following link and
import it into your project.


Hope it helps

"StGo" <go******@nes s-isi.com> wrote in message
news:eQ******** ******@TK2MSFTN GP09.phx.gbl...
How can i read/write file's custom attributs(like subject,author. ..) in

Thanks :))

Nov 15 '05 #3

Sank's for answer!

But I'm mean to non standart attributs like subject,comment s and
possibility adding custom attributs
like "custom_version =1.6".

If you can,please help me:)

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Nov 15 '05 #4

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