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Horiz scroll error in tree view


I have docked a tree view to the left on a form. When I
start to populate this tree view with nodes, a horizontal
scroll box appears in the bottom of the tree view even
though thee tree view is big largely big enough to fit
the nodes and text. If I widen the tree view the scroll
bar doesn't resize itself to show the relative view size
in relation to the total size. Only if I narrow the view
to not fit the nodes, the scroll box starts to behave as
expected - and disappears when all nodes fits within the
tree view. Is this a bug, can I make a work around - It
doesn't look nice.

best regards Jesper.
Nov 15 '05 #1
1 4916
I have a outlook like GUI.

On the left a treeview and on the right a datagrid.
Seperated by a splitterbar. I dont have such a behavior like you describe.
I did not used the designer, i used 3 panel Controls to do that.

I guess the dockstyle is the problem. I use dockstyle.fill



Code snipped:

public Form1()


#region Form1 einstellen

Icon = new Icon(GetType(), "Key.ico");

Text = "PLCSetup";

Size = new Size(640,480);

StartPosition = FormStartPositi on.CenterScreen ;

MinimumSize = new Size(400,150);

#region Form1 zwei mal Splitten einstellen

Panel panel = new Panel();

panel.Parent = this;

panel.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;

Splitter split1 = new Splitter();

split1.Parent = this;

split1.Dock = DockStyle.Left;

Panel panel1 = new Panel();

panel1.Parent = this;

panel1.Dock = DockStyle.Left;

panel1.BackColo r = Color.Lime;

Panel panel2 = new Panel();

panel2.Parent = panel;

panel2.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;

panel2.BackColo r = Color.Blue;

Splitter split2 = new Splitter();

split2.Parent = panel;

split2.Dock = DockStyle.Top;

Panel panel3 = new Panel();

panel3.Parent = panel;

panel3.Dock = DockStyle.Top;

panel3.BackColo r = Color.Tan;

panel1.Width = ClientSize.Widt h / 3;

panel3.Height = ClientSize.Heig ht / 3;

#region Statusleiste einstellen
sb = new ProgressStatusB ar();

sb.Parent = this;

sb.ShowPanels = true;

sb.SizingGrip = true;

sb.Dock = DockStyle.Botto m;
// -Pannels erstellen

// -Hilfe Panel

sbpHelp = new StatusBarPanel( );

sbpHelp.Text = "Bereit";

sbpHelp.AutoSiz e = StatusBarPanelA utoSize.Spring;

// -ProgressPanel

sbpProgress = new ProgressPanel() ;

sbpProgress.Wid th = 100;

sbpProgress.Max imum = 100;

sbpProgress.Min imum = 0;

sbpProgress.Val ue = 50;

sbpProgress.Too lTipText = "Fortschrit t in Prozent";

// -GoStopPanel

sbpGoStop = new StatusBarPanel( );

sbpGoStop.Icon = new Icon(GetType(), "Green.ico" );

sbpGoStop.ToolT ipText = "GO";

sbpGoStop.Width = 35;

sbpGoStop.Borde rStyle = StatusBarPanelB orderStyle.None ;

sb.Panels.AddRa nge(new StatusBarPanel[]{sbpHelp,sbpPro gress,sbpGoStop });

#region Menuleiste einstellen

Menu = new MainMenu();

EventHandler ehSelect = new EventHandler(On MenuSelect);

EventHandler ehClick = new EventHandler(On MenuClick);
MenuItem mi = new MenuItem("Datei ");

mi.Select += ehSelect;

Menu.MenuItems. Add(mi);

mi = new MenuItem("Ende" );

mi.Select += ehSelect;

mi.Click += ehClick;

Menu.MenuItems[0].MenuItems.Add( mi);


#region Buttonleiste einstellen

bm = new Bitmap(GetType( ), "ToolBar1.bmp") ;

ImageList imglist = new ImageList();

//Size size = new Size(32,32)

imglist.ImageSi ze = new Size(32,32);

imglist.Images. AddStrip(bm);

imglist.Transpa rentColor = Color.Magenta;

ToolBar tbar = new ToolBar();

tbar.Parent = this;

tbar.ImageList = imglist;

tbar.Appearance = ToolBarAppearan ce.Flat;

for(int i = 0; i < 8; i++)


ToolBarButton tbarbtn = new ToolBarButton() ;
tbarbtn.ImageIn dex = i;

tbar.Buttons.Ad d(tbarbtn);



treeView1 = new TreeView();

treeView1.Paren t = panel1;

treeView1.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;

dataGrid1 = new DataGrid();

dataGrid1.Paren t = panel3;

dataGrid1.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;

string connString = @"Provider=Micr osoft.JET.OLEDB .4.0;data
source=C:\plcse tup.mdb";

string sqlString = "SELECT * FROM plc_parameter";

OleDbConnection connection = new OleDbConnection (connString);

OleDbDataAdapte r dataAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapte r(sqlString, connection);

DataSet dataSet = new DataSet();

dataAdapter.Fil l(dataSet, "plc_parameter" );

dataGrid1.DataS ource = dataSet.Tables["plc_parame ter"].DefaultView;

listBox1 = new ListBox();

listBox1.Parent = panel2;

listBox1.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;

listBox1.Integr alHeight = false;

"Jesper DK" <je****@hotmail .com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:09******** *************** *****@phx.gbl.. .

I have docked a tree view to the left on a form. When I
start to populate this tree view with nodes, a horizontal
scroll box appears in the bottom of the tree view even
though thee tree view is big largely big enough to fit
the nodes and text. If I widen the tree view the scroll
bar doesn't resize itself to show the relative view size
in relation to the total size. Only if I narrow the view
to not fit the nodes, the scroll box starts to behave as
expected - and disappears when all nodes fits within the
tree view. Is this a bug, can I make a work around - It
doesn't look nice.

best regards Jesper.

Nov 15 '05 #2

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