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Add Form Textbox Data Dynemically and send data to databae mvc c#

I need to send data to database with dynamic textbox value. mvc c#

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  1.  <form id="fromdata">
  2.         <table id="tpvt" border="1" cellpadding="4">
  3.             <tbody>
  4.                 <tr>
  5.                     <td><h6 class="text-left">Company Name</h6><input type="text" name="CompName[]" placeholder="Company Name" id="CompName" value="" class="name_list p-0 m-0" /></td>
  6.                     <td><h6 class="text-left">Region</h6><input type="text" name="Region[]" id="Region" placeholder="Region" value="" class=" name_list" /> </td>
  7.                     <td><h6 class="text-left">Office Address</h6><input type="text" name="OffAdd[]" id="OffAdd" placeholder="Office Address" value="" class=" name_list p-0 m-0" /><input type="button" name="btnadd" id="btnadd" value="+" class="text-danger" /></td>
  8.                     <td><h6 class="text-left">Telephone</h6><input type="text" name="Tele[]" id="Tele" value="" placeholder="Telephone" class=" name_list p-0 m-0" /> <input type="button" name="btnadd" id="btntele" value="+" class="text-danger" /></td>
  9.                     <td><h6>Name</h6>&nbsp;<input type="text" name="NameOwner[]" id="NameOwner" placeholder="Name" value="" class=" name_list p-0 m-0" /><input type="button" name="btnadd" value="+" class="text-danger" /></td>
  10.                     <td><h6>Contact No</h6><input type="text" name="ContNo[]" id="ContNo" placeholder="Contact No" value="" class=" name_list p-0 m-0" /> <input type="button" name="btnadd" value="+" class="text-danger" /></td>
  11.                     <td><h6>Designation</h6>&nbsp;<input type="text" name="Desig[]" id="Desig" placeholder="Designation" value="" class=" name_list p-0 m-0" /><input type="button" name="btnadd" value="+" class="text-danger" /></td>
  12.                 </tr>
  14.                 <tr>
  15.                     <td><h6>Email</h6><input type="text" name="Email[]" id="Email" placeholder="Email" value="" class=" name_list p-0 m-0" /> <input type="button" name="btnadd" value="+" class="text-danger" /></td>
  16.                     <td><h6>Decription</h6>&nbsp;<input type="text" name="Descp[]" placeholder="Discription" id="Descp" value="" class=" name_list p-0 m-0" /></td>
  17.                     <td><h6>GSTN No</h6><input type="text" name="Gstno[]" id="Gstno" placeholder="G.S.T No" value="" class=" name_list p-0 m-0" /> </td>
  18.                     <td><input type="submit" id="btnSubmit" value="Submit" class="btn btn-outline-danger p-1" /></td>
  19.                     <td></td>
  20.                     <td></td>
  21.                     <td></td>
  22.                 </tr>
  26.             </tbody>
  27.         </table>
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