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Auto-Suggested Textbox like google auto suggest

I need to create a Auto suggests Textboox like in
I have completed this using AJAX.NET for Framework 1.1 . I have some design
issues after the data is populated.

For me the problem is I am getting more space after the item is selected.
And the items are displayed in a combo when i am going for another search /
selection without refreshing the page.
I am expecting a same output as google's auto suggested textbox.

see my work at http://www.reccustodian.com/Dropdown/Neworder.aspx

Please let me know if you get any on this.

The below is the javascript which helps to display the text box and the combo

//matches select
var matcheList = document.getElementById("matches");

//called by the onKeyUp javascript event on the input
function FindMatches(searchCriteria)
if (searchCriteria)
//SearchComplection is defined by Ajax.Net because that's the name of
the type we registered
NewOrder.FindMatches(searchCriteria, FindMatches_CallBack);
//clear the states dropdown
matcheList.style.visibility = "hidden";
//callback we told Ajax.Net to pass the response tos
function FindMatches_CallBack(response)
//if the server side code threw an exception
if (response.error != null)
alert(response.error); //we should probably do better than this

//if we didn't get what we expect, or didn't get any matches
if (!response.value || response.value.length == 0)
matcheList.style.visibility = "hidden";

matcheList.style.visibility = "visible";
matcheList.options.length = 0; //reset the states dropdown
matcheList.size = response.value.length; //dynamically set the size of
the select box
for (var i = 0; i < response.value.length; ++i)
matcheList.options[matcheList.options.length] = new

//called when a match item is selected from the list
function MatchSelected(matches)
var state = document.getElementById("state");
var divDisp = document.getElementById("divList");
state.value = matches.options[matches.selectedIndex].text;
matcheList.style.visibility = "hidden";


divDisp.style.visibility = "hidden";

selected = matcheList.options.selectedIndex;
value = state.value

if (selected !=0 || selected ==0)
for (var i = 0, oldpos = -1; i<count-1; i++)
pos = value.indexOf(',',oldpos+1);
data = value.substring(oldpos+1,pos);
frmOrder.elements['txtC' + i].value = value.substring(oldpos+1,pos);
oldpos = pos;
frmOrder.elements['txtC' + i].value =


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