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Validator inside WebControl

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Hi all,

Why can't i create a validatorControl as a child of the control to validate?
It doesn't give any errors, but it just won't work (it's not validating).

The reason why i want this is that i'm creating a repository of
WebControls extended/inherited with my own code for repetative use.
For example, i have a: Class CreationDate inherits TextBox
I offcourse want a validator to check is really a date was entered into
the textbox.
I use this custom WebControl on multiple pages.
In those pages i only want to code:
<myRepository:CreationDate runat="server" />
I do not want to code a <asp:rangeValidator> on every page. That should
be handled by the <myRepository:CreationDate> tag itself.

I've tried:
Public Class CreationDate inherits TextBox
Sub new
dim validator as new RangeValidator
'setting validator properties
End Sub
End Class
This just doesn't work. no errors, but also no validation.

So i tried:
Public Class CreationDate inherits TextBox
Sub onInit/onLoad
dim validator as new RangeValidator
'setting validator properties
End Sub
End Class
This gave an error that i'm not allowed to add controls to the controll
collection (of the page) while in onInit/onLoad/onPreRender mode.
The page is currently in PreRender mode (in a non postback situation)
when this object goes through it's events.
I should mention that this WebControl is in a (CompiledBindable)Template
which is instantiated in the CreateChildControls of it's container.
(but this CreateChildControls is created in the onLoad event i believe).

I've also tried.
But this also didn't work.

So could anyone please tell me how i can add a validator from within the
control(ToValidate) itself.

I'm just don't know anymore (and sometime can get really frustrated on
"the microsoft way" of doing things)

I hope somebody has a solution for me, otherwise this repository is
quite doomed.


Jan 7 '06 #1
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"Sam" <ne**> wrote in message
Class CreationDate inherits TextBox

This is a VB "classic" newsgroup. Questions about VB.NET (including VB 2005,
which has dropped .NET from its name) are off-topic here.

Please ask .NET questions in newsgroups with "dotnet" in their names. The
*.vb.* groups are for VB6 and earlier. If you don't see the *.dotnet.*
groups on your news server, connect directly to the Microsoft server:

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