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ASP permissions issue after installing Windows Server 2003

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Here's the scenerio:

HAD: Entire Windows 2000 domain multiple servers
Internal Web Server - Windows 2000
NAS Server - Windows 2000

Internal Web Application (On Web server) utilizing .ASP scripts to
access shared directories through mapped drives on NAS Server. (And
yes, I know UNC paths should have been used, but I didn't actually
write this, just trying to follow someone else)

UPGRADED: All servers (including Web Server) except NAS Server to
Windows 2003 Server.
NAS Server remained on W2K Server.

PROBLEM: For some reason when ASP scripts are ran on the web server
(2003) they cannot access data on the NAS server (2000).

What special permissions have to be setup on either the 2003 and/or
2000 server to allow access to shared directories via an ASP script.

I'm at the end of my rope on this one, I have researched IIS 5.0 Worker
Process Isolation Mode, which we were in, and I have tried to switch
out of and still no luck. I have checked and re-checked all the NTFS
permissions on the NAS server shared directory and everything that I
beleive is supposed to be there is allowed modify access.

OTHER NOTE: It looks like most of the scripts are utilizing one of our
"IUSR_" accounts in the directory security within IIS 6.0 and I have
double-checked the password is correct and that this user is a member
of the IIS_WPG group who incidentally also has NTFS permissions to this

Any Thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Nov 29 '05 #1
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5 Replies

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Be sure to add ASPNET to the folder's permissions setting on the folder
containing the site.

Nov 29 '05 #2

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Is ASPNET an account that should be in my AD User's and Computers, I
don't seem to have it?
Also, Did you mean to add this account to the folders permission where
the data is on the Nas Server or somewhere on the Web Server?

Nov 30 '05 #3

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Which framework? I am only fluent in 1.1, 1.0;


Nov 30 '05 #4

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First of all, just to clarify, I am not a programmer by any means. I'm
a network guy trying to understand someone else's handy work and may
confuse my terms a little bit and for that I apoligize in advance.

Actually, these Active Server Pages (ASPs) were not written in ASP.NET
I don't believe. I think they were originally writtne on the 2000
platform (whatever the original ASP code version was?)

AST.NET was not even installed on the Windows 2003 Server machine. I
say was, because it is now. However, I still haven't seen the ASPNET
user account you mentioned.

Confused in MO

- JR

Dec 1 '05 #5

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More info:

Here is an example script:

<title>Untitled Document</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
Set fso=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObjec t")
if fso.fileExists("C:\rt.txt") then
CFile = "C:\rt.txt file found"
CFile = "C:\rt.txt file not found"
end if

if fso.fileExists("E:\rt.txt") then
EFile = "E:\rt.txt file found"
EFile = "E:\rt.txt file not found"
end if

if fso.fileExists("D:\rt.txt") then
DFile = "D:\rt.txt file found"
DFile = "D:\rt.txt file not found"
end if
Set fso = nothing
This is to verify whether the file can be found on the particluar
C & E are local drives where this rt.txt file is located and the
scripti finds them fine.
D is a mapped network drive on a windows 2000 server and even though
the file is there, the script displays the "File Not Found" message
indicating to me that it must not have permission or something.

Dec 1 '05 #6

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