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problems creating a user in Active directory

Dear All,
sorry but I'm not sure if this is the right place to post my problem.
I was using the following asp code to create users in Active Directory.
Suddenly, and I don't know the reason, users are created but the account is
disabled (see the flag User.AccountDis abled = False ).
There is also another problem even if the user does not exist , the
application returns to me with the message that the user already exist.

Thank you for your support



On Error Resume Next
'/// Variable Declarations

Dim User, Container, TargetContainer , sObjectCommonNa me, FirstName, LastName
Dim ObjectSAMName, InitialPassword , sUserPrincipalN ame, sUserPath, sFullName
Dim szUsername, szPassword, sOU, intUAC



sOU = Request.Form("n ame_ou")

'/// Assign variable values from the form

TargetContainer = "LDAP://OU=" & sOU &
szUsername = (Request.Server Variables("AUTH _USER"))
szPassword = Request.Form("p assword")
ObjectSAMName = Request.Form("a cc_logname")
InitialPassword = Request.Form("a cc_passwd")
FirstName = Request.Form("a cc_firstname")
LastName = Request.Form("a cc_lastname")
sObjectCommonNa me = LastName & "\, " & FirstName
sFullName = FirstName & " " & LastName
sUserPath = "LDAP://CN=" & sObjectCommonNa me & ",OU=" & sOU &

Set obj1 = GetObject(Targe tContainer)

'/// check if a user already exists

Dim strUserName
CheckForUser(Ob jectSAMName)
Sub CheckForUser(sa mAccountName)
strUserName = samAccountName

'/// Create, configure, and open ADO Connection object

Set objConnection = CreateObject("A DODB.Connection ")
objConnection.O pen "Provider=ADsDS OObject;"

Set objCommand = CreateObject("A DODB.Command")
objCommand.Acti veConnection = objConnection

objCommand.Comm andText = _
"<LDAP://OU=" & sOU &
",OU=wss_ou,OU= NAME1,DC=NAME2, DC=NAME3,DC=ORG >;(&(objectCate gory=User)" & _
"(samAccountNam e=" & strUserName & "));samAccountN ame;subtree"
Set objRecordSet = objCommand.Exec ute

If objRecordset.Re cordCount = 0 Then
'/// If the user does not exist, then create the account and
'/// populates the object's properties

Set User = obj1.Create("us er", "CN=" & sObjectCommonNa me)
User.Put "sAMAccountName ", ObjectSAMName
User.Put "givenName" , FirstName
User.Put "sn", LastName
User.Put "userPrincipalN ame", ObjectSAMName
User.Put "DisplayNam e", LastName & " " & FirstName
User.Put "Descriptio n", "Sharepoint use only: created by " & szUsername

'/// Sets the password and enables the account

intUAC = User.Get("userA ccountControl")
User.Put "userAccountCon trol", ADS_UF_DONT_EXP IRE_PASSWD

User.SetPasswor d InitialPassword
User.AccountDis abled = False

If Err.Number = 0 Then

'/// If no errors occur, it displays a success screen

Response.redire ct "result.asp "

'/// If an error occurs, it displays an error message

Response.redire ct "result_no. asp"
End If

End If

'/// Clean up

objConnection.C lose

End Sub

Jun 12 '07 #1
1 1958
Ysgrifennodd Carlettus:
Dear All,
sorry but I'm not sure if this is the right place to post my problem.
I was using the following asp code to create users in Active Directory.
Suddenly, and I don't know the reason, users are created but the account is
disabled (see the flag User.AccountDis abled = False ).
There is also another problem even if the user does not exist , the
application returns to me with the message that the user already exist.

Thank you for your support
There's microsoft.publi c.adsi.general newsgroup that you might like to
try. This book (by a regular contributor to the newsgroup) is also
excellent - but only if you're using .NET.

Jun 14 '07 #2

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