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Wrong event handler firing in DataGrid

Hey -

I'm writing a control that contains a DataGrid, and I'm unable to get
the update event to fire. When I click the update link, the edit event

heres the details...

my control overrides CreateChildCont rols and dynamically creates the
DataGrid, creates an EditCommandColu mn which it adds to the
DataGrid.Column s, and then adds several BoundColumns. I then create a
dummy dataset and bind it to the DataGrid. I then create and set an
EditCommandEven tHandler for the EditCommand, CancelCommand, and
UpdateCommand. finally I add the datagrid to the Control array.
in Render I tell the DataGrid to render.

When I run this, It looks right, and the edit and cancel buttons work
fine, but the update link fires the Edit event.

heres my code... any help on whats going on here would be really

private DataGrid dataGrid1;
private Label lblMsg;
private string messageText = "";
private DataSet myDataSet;

private string MessageText
return messageText;
messageText = value;
protected override void Render(HtmlText Writer output)
// Start Main Table
output.AddAttri bute("width", "100%");
output.RenderBe ginTag(HtmlText WriterTag.Table );

// Write the Message Text
output.RenderBe ginTag(HtmlText WriterTag.Thead );
output.RenderBe ginTag(HtmlText WriterTag.Tr);
output.AddAttri bute("class", "message");
output.AddAttri bute("colSpan", "2");
output.RenderBe ginTag(HtmlText WriterTag.Th);
output.Write(Me ssageText);
output.RenderEn dTag();
output.RenderEn dTag();
output.RenderEn dTag();

// Start Main table body
output.RenderBe ginTag(HtmlText WriterTag.Tbody );
output.RenderBe ginTag(HtmlText WriterTag.Tr);

// Write the DataGrid column
output.AddAttri bute("align", "center");
output.AddAttri bute("valign", "top");
output.RenderBe ginTag(HtmlText WriterTag.Td);
dataGrid1.Rende rControl(output );
output.RenderEn dTag();

output.RenderEn dTag(); // row
output.RenderEn dTag(); // main table body
output.RenderEn dTag(); // main table
public override ControlCollecti on Controls
EnsureChildCont rols();
return base.Controls;

protected override void CreateChildCont rols()
Controls.Clear( );

lblMsg = new Label();
Controls.Add(lb lMsg);

// DataGrid
dataGrid1 = new DataGrid();
dataGrid1.ID = "dataGrid";
dataGrid1.Enabl eViewState = true;
dataGrid1.AutoG enerateColumns = false;
FormatDataGrid( );
CreateEditCol() ;
CreateBoundCols ();
MakeParentTable ();
BindToDataGrid( );
dataGrid1.EditC ommand +=new
DataGridCommand EventHandler(da taGrid1_EditCom mand);
dataGrid1.Cance lCommand +=new
DataGridCommand EventHandler(da taGrid1_CancelC ommand);
dataGrid1.Updat eCommand += new
DataGridCommand EventHandler(da taGrid1_UpdateC ommand);
Controls.Add(da taGrid1);
private void FormatDataGrid( )
dataGrid1.CssCl ass = "DataGridTable" ;
dataGrid1.Heade rStyle.CssClass = "DataGridHeadin g";
dataGrid1.ItemS tyle.CssClass = "DataGridRo w";
dataGrid1.Alter natingItemStyle .CssClass = "DataGridAltRow ";
dataGrid1.EditI temStyle.CssCla ss = "DataGridEditRo w";

private void CreateEditCol()
EditCommandColu mn editCol = new EditCommandColu mn();

editCol.ButtonT ype = ButtonColumnTyp e.LinkButton;
editCol.CancelT ext = "Cancel";
editCol.EditTex t = "Edit";
editCol.UpdateT ext = "Update";

dataGrid1.Colum ns.Add(editCol) ;
private void CreateBoundCols ()
//create the bound cols in the grid
.... create bound cols for the datatable and add them
to the dataGrid...
dataGrid1.Colum ns.Add(myBoundC olumn);

private void MakeParentTable ()
// Create a new DataTable.
System.Data.Dat aTable myDataTable = new DataTable("Pare ntTable");
// Declare variables for DataColumn and DataRow objects.
DataColumn myDataColumn;
DataRow myDataRow;
... add a few columns, and then populate a few rows...

private void BindToDataGrid( )
// Turn off AutoGenerate of Columns
// Set DataSource
dataGrid1.DataS ource = myDataSet; //,"ParentTabl e"

// Bind
dataGrid1.DataB ind();
private void dataGrid1_EditC ommand(object sender,
DataGridCommand EventArgs e)
MessageText = "Edit link was clicked.";
dataGrid1.EditI temIndex = e.Item.ItemInde x;
dataGrid1.DataB ind();
private void dataGrid1_Cance lCommand(object sender,
DataGridCommand EventArgs e)
MessageText = "Cancel was clicked";
dataGrid1.EditI temIndex = -1;
dataGrid1.DataB ind();
private void dataGrid1_Updat eCommand(object sender,
DataGridCommand EventArgs e)
MessageText = "Update link was clicked";

dataGrid1.EditI temIndex = -1;
dataGrid1.DataB ind();

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