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How to use MS Access DB for ASPNET Application Services (membership, profile, etc)

A lot of times, web hostings for ASPNET 2.0 will offer only MS Access
DB for database for basic plan, a question often asked is how can I use
the membership services, role, web parts services, etc for this MS
Access db. Well, microsoft offers a download sample. Instructions
are below.

profile, roles, etc providers)

1. Download the Sample Access Provider from microsoft.

This will install a VSI which you can open in Visual Studio 2005.
It contains a sample web.config as well as sample ASPnetDb.mdb
NOTE: web.config has an incorrect provider type. For example:

type="Samples.A ccessProviders. AccessMembershi pProvider,
SampleAccessPro viders"

"SampleAccessPr oviders" should have been "ASP.NET Access Providers"
that is the name of the DLL created by this class library.
You can use either of this:

1. Change the name of DLL. (by right-clicking on project, in
Applications tab, change the type to 'SampleAccessPr oviders'.
2. Change every occurrence of "SampleAccessPr oviders" in web.config
with "ASP.NET Access Providers"

In any case, you should be able to get rid the "unable to load Type"
runtime error.

You should create the DLL by compiling the class library project.
2. Create a new web site. Copy ASPnetDb.mdb in the 'App_Data'
Incorporate the sample web.config file in the class library into the

web.config file in your new website.

3. Select your website in visual studio, Launch ASPNET Configuration
You should be able now to add security.

For example, I changed the namespace of the Sample access providers
project to 'AccessProvider s' and also changed the DLL to
'ASP.NET.Access Providers.dll'

Here is my working sample web.config

<configuratio n>
<connectionStri ngs>
<add name="AccessFil eName"
connectionStrin g="~/App_Data/ASPNetDB.mdb"
providerName="S ystem.Data.OleD b"/>
</connectionStrin gs>
<authenticati on mode="Forms">
<forms loginUrl="mylog in.aspx" defaultUrl="Log in.aspx"/>

<membership defaultProvider ="AccessMembers hipProvider">
<add name="AccessMem bershipProvider "
type="AccessPro viders.AccessMe mbershipProvide r,
ASP.NET.AccessP roviders"
connectionStrin gName="AccessFi leName"
enablePasswordR etrieval="false "
enablePasswordR eset="false"
requiresUniqueE mail="false"
requiresQuestio nAndAnswer="fal se"
minRequiredPass wordLength="1"
minRequiredNona lphanumericChar acters="0"
applicationName ="SampleSite "
hashAlgorithmTy pe="SHA1"
passwordFormat= "Hashed"/>
<roleManager enabled="true" defaultProvider ="AccessRolePro vider"
cacheRolesInCoo kie="true" cookieName=".AS PXROLES" cookieTimeout=" 30"
cookiePath="/" cookieRequireSS L="false" cookieSlidingEx piration="true"
cookieProtectio n="All">
<add name="AccessRol eProvider"
type="AccessPro viders.AccessRo leProvider,
ASP.NET.AccessP roviders"
connectionStrin gName="AccessFi leName"
applicationName ="SampleSite "/>
<profile enabled="true" defaultProvider ="AccessProfile Provider">
<add name="AccessPro fileProvider"
type="AccessPro viders.AccessPr ofileProvider,
ASP.NET.AccessP roviders"
connectionStrin gName="AccessFi leName"
applicationName ="SampleSite "
description="St ores and retrieves profile data from
an ASP.NET_Access_ Providers database."/>
<add name="FriendlyN ame" type="string" allowAnonymous= "true"
serializeAs="St ring"/>
<add name="Height" type="int" allowAnonymous= "true"
serializeAs="St ring"/>
<add name="Weight" type="int" allowAnonymous= "true"
serializeAs="Xm l"/>
<anonymousIdent ification enabled="true"
cookieName=".AS PXANONYMOUS" cookieTimeout=" 100000" cookiePath="/"
cookieRequireSS L="false" cookieSlidingEx piration="true"
cookieProtectio n="None" domain=""/>
<personalizatio n
defaultProvider ="AccessPersona lizationProvide r">
<add name="AccessPer sonalizationPro vider"

type="AccessPro viders.AccessPe rsonalizationPr ovider,
ASP.NET.AccessP roviders"
connectionStrin gName="AccessFi leName"
applicationName ="SampleSite "/>
</personalization >

<trust level="Medium"/>

<compilation debug="true"/>

You can also put the absolute path in the connection strings
<connectionStri ngs>
connectionStrin g="D:\Clients\C 240\msite.com\d atabase/ASPNetDB.mdb"
providerName="S ystem.Data.OleD b"/>
</connectionStrin gs>

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