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Using Enterprise Library to write in a custom event log


I've started using Enterprise Library 2.0 recently and I've encountered
a problem that seems to be ... well... undocumented :)

Basically, when I set a Trace Listener (formatted event log to be
precise), if i specify the name of a custom event log, the listener
won't log in it.

I've checked in the registry, the log is there. In the event viewer, I
can see the log but enterprise library wont use it. Actually, I've
noticed that if I overwrite "Applicatio n" with anything else it doesnt
work either. (like System or Security)

If I write in the log manually (in the code) it works just fine. But
the point of the whole thing is to use the MS Application Blocks so im
trying not to log the error myself.

Is there some kind of access right I have to set somewhere ?

Am I doing something wrong ?


*************** ******

Here's the code I can show you :

I've made a chunk of code to create the event log like so. Right now
its executed everytime the website is started since I'm still in dev.

Private Const cLMI_EVENT_SOUR CE As String = "LMIV40"
If Not EventLog.Source Exists(cLMI_EVE NT_SOURCE) Then
EventLog.Create EventSource(cLM I_EVENT_SOURCE, cLMI_EVENT_SOUR CE)
End If

Then, I've configured the weg.config like so (i've used the
entlibconfig tool)

<loggingConfigu ration name="Logging Application Block"
tracingEnabled= "true"
defaultCategory ="General" logWarningsWhen NoCategoriesMat ch="true">
<add source="Enterpr ise Library Logging" formatter="Text
log="LMIV40" machineName=""
listenerDataTyp e="Microsoft.Pr actices.Enterpr iseLibrary.Logg ing.Configurati on.FormattedEve ntLogTraceListe nerData,
Microsoft.Pract ices.Enterprise Library.Logging , Version= ,
Culture=neutral , PublicKeyToken= null"
traceOutputOpti ons="Callstack"
type="Microsoft .Practices.Ente rpriseLibrary.L ogging.TraceLis teners.Formatte dEventLogTraceL istener,
Microsoft.Pract ices.Enterprise Library.Logging , Version= ,
Culture=neutral , PublicKeyToken= null"
name="LMIV4.0 Tracer" />
<add template="Times tamp: {timestamp}&#xD ;&#xA;Message :
{message}&#xD;& #xA;Category: {category}&#xD; &#xA;Priorit y:
{priority}&#xD; &#xA;EventId : {eventid}&#xD;& #xA;Severity:
{severity}&#xD; &#xA;Title:{tit le}&#xD;&#xA;Ma chine:
{machine}&#xD;& #xA;Application Domain: {appDomain}&#xD ;&#xA;Process Id:
{processId}&#xD ;&#xA;Process Name: {processName}&# xD;&#xA;Win32 Thread
Id: {win32ThreadId} &#xD;&#xA;Threa d Name:
{threadName}&#x D;&#xA;Extende d Properties: {dictionary({ke y} -
{value}&#xD;&#x A;)}"

type="Microsoft .Practices.Ente rpriseLibrary.L ogging.Formatte rs.TextFormatte r,
Microsoft.Pract ices.Enterprise Library.Logging , Version= ,
Culture=neutral , PublicKeyToken= null"
name="Text Formatter" />
<categorySource s>
<add switchValue="Al l" name="General">
<add name="LMIV4.0 Tracer" />
</categorySources >
<specialSources >
<allEvents switchValue="Al l" name="All Events">
<add name="LMIV4.0 Tracer" />
<notProcessed switchValue="Al l" name="Unprocess ed Category" />
<errors switchValue="Al l" name="Logging Errors &amp; Warnings" />
</loggingConfigur ation>

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