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GridView returning null datasource in sort event

I have a gridview where the datasource is bound after a selection. The
result of doing this is that sorting and paging do not work. I was given a
sample of how to resolve this, however my attempt to explicity enable
sorting failes because, unlike the sample, my sort event has a null in the
datasource and I am unsure why this is so.

Sample HTML code is:

<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateCol umns="False"
BackColor="Whit e"
BorderColor="#9 99999" BorderStyle="No ne" BorderWidth="1p x"
GridLines="Vert ical" AllowPaging="Tr ue" AllowSorting="t rue"
PagerSettings-Position="Botto m" PagerStyle-HorizontalAlign ="Left"
OnPageIndexChan ging="GridView1 _PageIndexChang ing"
OnSorting="Grid View1_Sorting">
<FooterStyle BackColor="#CCC CCC" ForeColor="Blac k" />
<asp:BoundFie ld DataField="Job Name" HeaderText="Job Name"
ReadOnly="True" SortExpression= "Job Name" />
<asp:BoundFie ld DataField="Agen cy Number" HeaderText="Age ncy Number"
ReadOnly="True" SortExpression= "Agency Number" />
<asp:BoundFie ld DataField="Trac king Number" HeaderText="Tra cking
Number" ReadOnly="True" SortExpression= "Tracking Number" />
<asp:BoundFie ld DataField="Mail ing Date" HeaderText="Mai ling Date"
HtmlEncode="Fal se" ReadOnly="True" SortExpression= "Mailing Date"
DataFormatStrin g="{0:MM/dd/yyyy}" />
<RowStyle BackColor="#EEE EEE" ForeColor="Blac k" />
<SelectedRowSty le BackColor="#008 A8C" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="Whit e"
<PagerStyle BackColor="#999 999" ForeColor="Blac k"
HorizontalAlign ="Center" />
<HeaderStyle BackColor="#000 084" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="Whit e" />
<AlternatingRow Style BackColor="Gain sboro" />

The code-behind sort event is:

protected void GridView1_Sorti ng(object sender, GridViewSortEve ntArgs e)
DataTable dataTable = GridView1.DataS ource as DataTable; <<<<<<<<<< THIS
if (dataTable != null)
int pidx = GridView1.PageI ndex;
string sortDirection = GetSortDirectio n();
DataView dataView = new DataView(dataTa ble);
dataView.Sort = e.SortExpressio n + " " + sortDirection;
GridView1.DataS ource = dataView;
GridView1.DataB ind();
GridView1.PageI ndex = pidx;

The datasource binding occurs after a button click as follows:

protected void SearchTable_Cli ck(object sender, ImageClickEvent Args e)
string conn =
ConfigurationMa nager.Connectio nStrings["TST"].ConnectionStri ng;
TSTBLL bll = new TSTBLL();
TSTMLBE mt = bll.SubmitQuery (tbJobName.Text , tbAgencyNumber. Text,
tbOrderDateFrom .Text, tbOrderDateTo.T ext, conn);
GridView1.DataS ource = mt.Tst_Table;
GridView1.DataB ind();
May 15 '06 #1
3 6954
i would try not to instantane a new object where you say it is null,
this is wiping out the data and assinging a new object. perhaps, not
sure of further details though.

May 16 '06 #2
Actually, I was trying to manipulate the datasource that was created with
the filter request. I finally had to resort to sticking the entire dataset
into a session object and use that for sorting and paging.

"rjl" <rj****@hotmail .com> wrote in message
news:11******** *************@j 55g2000cwa.goog legroups.com...
i would try not to instantane a new object where you say it is null,
this is wiping out the data and assinging a new object. perhaps, not
sure of further details though.

May 16 '06 #3
that is what MSFT would do. I dont like that though, I jsut as soon
read data again.

May 16 '06 #4

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