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How to load a template into datalist at runtime?

This problem is related to the postback and handling events correctly.
I have a datalist which acts as a tabbes list with horizontal layout.
This datalist is bound to a strogly typed collection I called
TabCollection which is a collevtion of items called tab. Each tab is as


TabTemplate is a string which holds the location of a user control which
inherits from ITemplate. Ideally, each tab instance within
TabCollection would contain a reference to a different template such
that when a user clicks on any of the horizontally aligned tabs, the
datalist would load the corresponding template. Each template is a user
control (.ascx) and contains an assortment of server controls such as
the dropdownlist, listbox, button, texbox, etc.

on Page_Load I am successfully able to load each template, as it is
defined by the instance of tab, int the item selected as the
SelectedItemTem plate. While the page looks nice, and all controls are
visible, invoking any of them that depend upon a postback results in one
of several tested outcomes:

1. The template disappears - this occurs if I select an item is the
drop-down list but do not bubble its event up to the page containing the

2. The dropdown lists contents are reset upon a selection - this occurs
if I do bubble the selectedIndeCha nged event up to the page with the
datalist and call ReBind(). The selected template remains visible.
How is it handled that a datalist's SelectedItemTem plate loaded template
is retained while also being able to appropriately use controls within
the custom template?

Though there might be a bit of code posted here, it might be useful for
some even in its current broken state.

+++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++
Tabs.ascx - this file contains the datalist

private void Page_Load(objec t sender, System.EventArg s e)
if(!Page.IsPost Back)
dl_tabs.Selecte dIndex = INTIALIZE_TAB_I NDEX;

public void BindData()
dl_tabs.DataSou rce = tabsList;
dl_tabs.DataKey Field = "TabIndex";
dl_tabs.DataBin d();

private void dl_tabs_ItemDat aBound(object sender, DataListItemEve ntArgs

if(e.Item.ItemT ype == ListItemType.Se lectedItem)
int tabId = (int)dl_tabs.Da taKeys[e.Item.ItemInde x];
MyNameSpace.Web .Controls.Templ ates.ITemplate template =
(MyNameSpace.We b.Controls.Temp lates.ITemplate )LoadControl(Ta bsList
[e.Item.ItemInde x].TabTemplate);
template.Course CategoryIndexCh anged += new
CommandEventHan dler(template_C ourseCategoryIn dexChanged);
template.Course LevelIndexChang ed += new CommandEventHan dler
(template_Cours eLevelIndexChan ged);
panel_selectedT ab.Controls.Add ((System.Web.UI .UserControl)
if(panel_select edTab.Controls. Count > 1)
panel_selectedT ab.Controls.Rem oveAt(0);

private void dl_tabs_ItemCom mand(object source, DataListCommand EventArgs
dl_tabs.Selecte dIndex = e.Item.ItemInde x;

+++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++
+++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++
MyTemplate1.asc x - this file is a user control template that gets loaded
in the dl_tabs_ItemDat aBound of the Tabs.ascx datalist event.

// Events
public event CommandEventHan dler CourseCategoryI ndexChanged;

private void Page_Load(objec t sender, System.EventArg s e)

public void BindData()
// DropDown Lists
MyNameSpace.Dat aEntities.Colle ctionClasses.Co urseCategoryCol lectio
n courseCategoryC ollection = new CourseCategoryC ollection();
courseCategoryC ollection = FacultyCourseSe rver.GetCourseC ategories
(FacultyCourseS erver.DEFAULT_F ACULTY_ID);
this.ddl_course Category.DataSo urce = courseCategoryC ollection;
this.ddl_course Category.DataTe xtField = EntityFieldFact ory.Create
(CourseCategory FieldIndex.Cour seName).Name;
this.ddl_course Category.DataVa lueField = EntityFieldFact ory.Create
(CourseCategory FieldIndex.Cour seCategoryId).N ame;
this.ddl_course Category.DataBi nd();

private void ddl_courseCateg ory_SelectedInd exChanged(objec t sender,
System.EventArg s e)
// Do stuff like bubble up event.
if(CourseCatego ryIndexChanged != null)
CommandEventArg s ev = new CommandEventArg s(null,
ddl_courseCateg ory.SelectedInd ex);
CourseCategoryI ndexChanged(thi s, ev);

+++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++
If anyone can tackle thi, please feel free to ask if more code is needed
or additional information.

Thank you.
Dec 29 '05 #1
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