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System.Diagnost ics.Trace in ASP.NET- how not to IISRESET

When Tracing in ASP.NET, the IIS process (on IIs5.1) is locking on the Trace
file, and I can't read the trace file without restarting the IIS:

Even the following does NOT work (how could I fix this??):
System.Diagnost ics.Trace.Write Line(System.Dat eTime.Now.ToLon gTimeString()+
"--" + dirException.To String());
System.Diagnost ics.Trace.Flush ();
((System.Diagno stics.TraceList ener)
System.Diagnost ics.Trace.Liste ners[0]).Close();
This is my Session_Start:
protected void Session_Start(O bject sender, EventArgs e)

// Create a file for output named TestFile.txt.
if (!
System.IO.File. Exists(System.C onfiguration.Co nfigurationSett ings.AppSetting s["TraceLog"]))
myFile =
System.IO.File. Create(System.C onfiguration.Co nfigurationSett ings.AppSetting s["TraceLog"]);
myFile =
System.IO.File. Open(System.Con figuration.Conf igurationSettin gs.AppSettings["TraceLog"],System.IO.File Mode.Append);

/* Create a new text writer using the output stream, and add it to
* the trace listeners. */
System.Diagnost ics.TextWriterT raceListener myTextListener = new
System.Diagnost ics.TextWriterT raceListener(my File);
System.Diagnost ics.Trace.Liste ners.Add(myText Listener);
This is my Web.Config:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<configuratio n>
<add key="TraceLog" value="c:\\dev\ \test.log" />


Set compilation debug="true" to enable ASPX debugging. Otherwise,
setting this value to
false will improve runtime performance of this application.
Set compilation debug="true" to insert debugging symbols (.pdb
into the compiled page. Because this creates a larger file that
more slowly, you should set this value to true only when debugging
and to
false at all other times. For more information, refer to the
documentation about
debugging ASP .NET files.
defaultLanguage ="c#"
Set customError mode values to control the display of user-friendly
error messages to users instead of error details (including a
stack trace):

"On" Always display custom (friendly) messages
"Off" Always display detailed ASP.NET error information.
"RemoteOnly " Display custom (friendly) messages only to users not
on the local Web server. This setting is recommended for security
purposes, so
that you do not display application detail information to remote
<customErrors mode="Off"

This section sets the authentication policies of the application.
Possible modes are "Windows", "Forms",
"Passport" and "None"
<authenticati on mode="Windows" />

<identity impersonate="fa lse" />

Application-level tracing enables trace log output for every page
within an application.
Set trace enabled="true" to enable application trace logging. If
pageOutput="tru e", the
trace information will be displayed at the bottom of each page.
Otherwise, you can view the
application trace log by browsing the "trace.axd" page from your
web application
requestLimit="1 0"
pageOutput="fal se"
traceMode="Sort ByTime"
localOnly="true "

By default ASP .NET uses cookies to identify which requests belong
to a particular session.
If cookies are not available, a session can be tracked by adding a
session identifier to the URL.
To disable cookies, set sessionState cookieless="tru e".
stateConnection String="tcpip=1"
sqlConnectionSt ring="data source=127.0.0. 1;user id=sa;password= "
cookieless="fal se"

This section sets the globalization settings of the application.
<globalizatio n
requestEncoding ="utf-8"
responseEncodin g="utf-8"

<system.diagnos tics>
<trace autoflush="true " indentsize="4">
<add name="myTextLis tener"
type="System.Di agnostics.TextW riterTraceListe ner,System, Version=1.0.500 0.0,
Culture=neutral , PublicKeyToken= b77a5c561934e08 9,
initializeData= c:\dev\test.log "/>
</system.diagnost ics>

Nov 19 '05 #1
1 4369
Hi Welcome to ASPNET newsgroup.

As for the locking file problem you mentioned in ASP.NET web application,
based on my experience, it is likely caused by the FileStream's ShareMode,
when creating such file based log file, we are recommended to create the
FileStream as "ReadWrite" share. For example, when creating the FileStream,
we can use the following code:

FileStream fs = new
FileStream("pat h",FileMode.Ope nOrCreate,FileA ccess.ReadWrite ,
FileShare.ReadW rite);

Also, I'm not sure why you put the code in SessionStart since session is
per user specific, you should put the application's trace handler
registering code in Application wide event. For example, here is the test
code I used which execute in Application's Start event and I can correctly
read the logfile outside when the application running:

=============== =====
protected void Application_Sta rt(Object sender, EventArgs e)
FileStream fs = new
FileStream(Serv er.MapPath("~/logfiles/traceLog.txt"), FileMode.OpenOr Create,F
ileAccess.ReadW rite, FileShare.ReadW rite);
StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(fs ,System.Text.En coding.UTF8);

System.Diagnost ics.TextWriterT raceListener txtListener = new
System.Diagnost ics.TextWriterT raceListener(sw , "txt_listener") ;

System.Diagnost ics.Trace.Liste ners.Add(txtLis tener);

System.Diagnost ics.Trace.AutoF lush = true;
=============== =====

Hope helps. Thanks,

Steven Cheng
Microsoft Online Support

Get Secure! www.microsoft.com/security
(This posting is provided "AS IS", with no warranties, and confers no

Nov 19 '05 #2

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