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More File download questions

I am trying to implment a file download via a link such that when clicked,
instead of starting the default application for that type of file the user
will be presented with a download dialog window. Well, thanks to Steve Orr,
I have that working. However, I still have a few issues. First, the
download dialog does not have the name of the file being downloaded in the
"File name" field, instead it has the name of the aspx page that have the
code to send the file to the client. Second, also in the download dialog,
the "File type" field has nothing in it. The code from my aspx page that is
doing the download is below. Is there ome other header that I can add that
will cause the download dialog to have the correct file name and file type
in it? Also, I'd liek to refresh the clling page so that the list of items
left to download nolonger includes the item just downloaded. If there
anyway to do that in this aspx page (adding a response.redire ct to the page
that the download link is on doesn't work). I tried adding and event handler
on the download page that refreshed when the link was clicked but it
refreshed before the download started. Thanks for any help you can provide.
<%@ Import Namespace="MyAs sembly" %>
<%@ Import Namespace="Syst em" %>
<%@ Import Namespace="Syst em.IO" %>
<%@ Import Namespace="Syst em.Xml" %>
''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''
Blah Blah Blah - just doing some validation at the
database''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' '
''''''''''''''' '''''''''''

dim di as new DataInterface()
Dim gf as new genFuncs()
Dim doc As object
Dim FileName As String
Dim MyFileInfo As FileInfo
Dim StartPos, FileSize As Long
dim retval as string
dim funcRet as string
dim sessionid as string
dim errors as string
dim songid as integer
dim header as string
dim logid as int64
dim currentorder as string

sessionid = iif(request.que rystring("s")=n othing, "",
request.queryst ring("s"))
songid = cint(iif(reques t.querystring(" song")=nothing, "0",
request.queryst ring("song")))
logid = clng(iif(reques t.querystring(" log")=nothing, "-1",
request.queryst ring("log")))
currentorder = iif(request.que rystring("order ")=nothing, "",
request.queryst ring("order"))

funcRet = di.Connect(sess ionid)
if left(funcRet, 4) = "Fail" then
response.redire ct("welcome.asp x")
GoTo ExitPage
end if

doc = gf.loadXDoc(di. getValidateDown load(logid), errors)
if doc.DocumentEle ment.SelectSing leNode("//@status").inner Text = "fail"
response.redire ct("orderdownlo ad.aspx?s=" & sessionid & "&order=" &
goto exitpage
end if

doc = gf.loadXDoc(di. getSongInfo(son gid), errors)

Dim docRoot as XmlElement = doc.DocumentEle ment

FileName = di.songLocation & "\" & _

docRoot.SelectS ingleNode("//genreDirectory" ).innerText & "\" & _
docRoot.SelectS ingleNode("//labelID").inner Text &
"\" & _
docRoot.SelectS ingleNode("//songFile").inne rText
MyFileInfo = New FileInfo(FileNa me)
FileSize = MyFileInfo.Leng th

''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''
End database stuff
''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' '
''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''

''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''
Here's the important stuff
''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' '
response.conten ttype = "audio/x-mpeg"
header = "attachment;fil ename=" & FileName
Response.AddHea der("Content-Disposition",he ader)
Response.WriteF ile(FileName, StartPos, FileSize)

''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''
End important stuff
''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''' '
''''''''''''''' ''''''''''
retVal = di.updDownloade dSong(logid) 'marks the teh download record so
that this item can only be downloaded once.
Nov 17 '05 #1
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