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How to show score into Html page

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Hi All,

I have created one HTML online quality tracker for my QA team once you select the option/fill the data and after click on the submit button the HTML page redirect that data into .asp page and then .asp page save the data into ms access database then thanks.html page shows and again quality html tracker shows for filling the fresh data . NOW what i need is once we/QA team fill the data into HTML page they can see see the total score of the agent/candidate is it possible?
If above thing is not possible. are we able to see the total score of the agent in ms access database? if yes then what coding i have to do in HTML/asp/access please help me with this. Just to let you know i am not a professional developer just having few knowledge html/asp/access. please give me the details in brief so that i can add all the coding into my page/database please feel free to contact me (removed)
sorry for the trouble
Jun 14 '12 #1
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There are several ways you could do this. Let me ask, how are you adding the new entry to the db currently? The way that makes the most sense to me is to run a second query to the db immediately after you add the record. Look for code in the asp page that 1- creates a connection to the db 2- opens the connection 3- sends an insert command. Could you show me the basic form or structure of that part of the code? Take out any passwords and security info of course.

Before I tell you how to pull that value, how is the value stored?

Jun 14 '12 #2

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here is the asp coding


'Dimension variables
Dim adoCon 'Holds the Database Connection Object
Dim rsAddComments 'Holds the recordset for the new record to be added to the database
Dim strSQL 'Holds the SQL query for the database

'Create an ADO connection odject
Set adoCon = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

'Set an active connection to the Connection object using a DSN-less connection
adoCon.Open "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=" & Server.MapPath("database\quality2.mdb")

'Set an active connection to the Connection object using DSN connection
'adoCon.Open "DSN=quality2"

'Create an ADO recordset object
Set rsAddComments = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

'Initialise the strSQL variable with an SQL statement to query the database
strSQL = "SELECT quality2.DOC, quality2.DOE, quality2.Advisor, quality2.TL, quality2.Manger, quality2.Evaluator, quality2.NiceId, quality2.Mobile, quality2.cust_name, quality2.call_type, quality2.query_type, quality2.subcategory, quality2.Q1, quality2.Q2, quality2.Q3, quality2.Q4, quality2.Q5, quality2.Q6, quality2.Q7, quality2.Q8, quality2.Q9, quality2.Q10, quality2.Q11, quality2.Q12, quality2.Q13, quality2.DevelopmentFocus, quality2.CallMotivational FROM quality2;"
'Set the cursor type we are using so we can navigate through the recordset
rsAddComments.CursorType = 2

'Set the lock type so that the record is locked by ADO when it is updated
rsAddComments.LockType = 3

'Open the quality2 table using the SQL query held in the strSQL varaiable
rsAddComments.Open strSQL, adoCon

'Tell the recordset we are adding a new record to it

'Add a new record to the recordset

' Case Info
rsAddComments.Fields("DOC") = Request.Form("DOC")
rsAddComments.Fields("DOE") = Request.Form("DOE")
rsAddComments.Fields("Advisor") = Request.Form("Advisor")
rsAddComments.Fields("TL") = Request.Form("TL")
rsAddComments.Fields("Manger") = Request.Form("Manger")
rsAddComments.Fields("Evaluator") = Request.Form("Evaluator")

' Query type
rsAddComments.Fields("NiceId") = Request.Form("NiceId")
rsAddComments.Fields("Mobile") = Request.Form("Mobile")
rsAddComments.Fields("cust_name") = Request.Form("cust_name")
rsAddComments.Fields("call_type") = Request.Form("call_type")
rsAddComments.Fields("query_type") = Request.Form("query_type")
rsAddComments.Fields("subcategory") = Request.Form("subcategory")

' Following the Process
rsAddComments.Fields("Q1") = Request.Form("Q1")
rsAddComments.Fields("Q2") = Request.Form("Q2")
rsAddComments.Fields("Q3") = Request.Form("Q3")
rsAddComments.Fields("Q4") = Request.Form("Q4")
rsAddComments.Fields("Q5") = Request.Form("Q5")
rsAddComments.Fields("Q6") = Request.Form("Q6")
rsAddComments.Fields("Q7") = Request.Form("Q7")
rsAddComments.Fields("Q8") = Request.Form("Q8")
rsAddComments.Fields("Q9") = Request.Form("Q9")
rsAddComments.Fields("Q10") = Request.Form("Q10")
rsAddComments.Fields("Q11") = Request.Form("Q11")
rsAddComments.Fields("Q12") = Request.Form("Q12")
rsAddComments.Fields("Q13") = Request.Form("Q13")

' Overall Comments
rsAddComments.Fields("DevelopmentFocus") = Request.Form("DevelopmentFocus")
rsAddComments.Fields("CallMotivational") = Request.Form("CallMotivational")

'Write the updated recordset to the database

'Reset server objects
Set rsAddComments = Nothing
Set adoCon = Nothing

Response.Redirect "Thanks_Quality2.htm"
Jun 16 '12 #3

P: 3
any update on this???
Jun 22 '12 #4

ariful alam
P: 185
you are using 3 page
1. submit page
2. update/insert page
3. successful page

why not use 2 page with ajax support?

use a html page that submit data using ajax to a ashx page that update or insert data to database and send back required data through ajax to submit page. show the values from the ajax object.
Jun 22 '12 #5

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