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help trying to streamline my sql

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I have a website that uses asp and sql to access an access database and am trying to streamline the code, im not very good with access and sql and was wondering if someone could help?

i have sql code along the lines of this on all pages
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  1. Set yaketyConnection=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
  2. DatabaseDetails="DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=" & Server.Mappath("../../private/yaketynew.mdb") & ";"
  3. yaketyConnection.Open DatabaseDetails
  4. yaketyQuery="SELECT * FROM celebs WHERE voicetypea like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypeb like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypec like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetyped like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypee like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypef like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypeg like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypeh like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypei like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypej like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypek like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypel like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypem like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm'  or voicetypen like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypem like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypeo like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypep like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypeq like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetyper like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypes like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypet like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypeu like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypev like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' or voicetypew like '%"&voiceid&"%' and sex like 'm' order by surname,firstname"
  5. Set yaketyRecordset=yaketyConnection.execute(yaketyQuery)
i have attached a selection of pages and the access database to look at

I hope someone can assist i would like to speed up our website and im sure the code and database is messy
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File Type: zip pages.zip (41.1 KB, 69 views)
Apr 28 '11 #1
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The problem is you have over twenty columns with the same (almost) name and description. What's up with that? change it to a single memo field so you can enter a paragraph if you want, then you just have to search one field. The only other reasonable solution is to have a separate table with a list of voicetypes, and another table relating that to the celebs:
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  1. voicetypes table
  2. voicetype_id     voicetype_description
  3. 1                hearty
  4. 2                whiny
  5. 3                motherly
  6. etc
  8. celeb voicetypes table
  9. celebid     voicetypeid
  10. 1            1
  11. 1            3
  12. 1            17
  13. 2            6
  14. 3            5
  15. 3            19
  16. 3            8
That is the real power of a relational database even if you have an easy way to add new voicetypes. For example, when a celeb enters his voicetype, check to see if it's already in the db, if it is, add celeb 16 and voicetype 6 to the celeb voicetype table. If not, add a new voicetype and then use that new number to add to the celeb voicetype table, and the next time a celeb enters that voicetype it will already be in the db.

Jun 10 '11 #2
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Hi Jared

Thanks for that i now have a DB that is as above except the voicetypeid is worded and not numbered, i am trying to get my sql to work now and tried the following but i am going wrong somewhere

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  1. yaketyQuery="SELECT * FROM celebs INNER JOIN celebsvoicetypes ON celebs.idnumber = celebsvoicetypes.celebid where celebsvoicetypes.voicetype = '" &voiceid& "' and celebs.sex like 'f' order by celebs.surname,celebs.firstname"
Jun 10 '11 #3

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