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looping of two, 2D arrays in classsic ASP

hello all,
i m trying to loop an 2d array with in a 2d array. it is working fine but it is not displaying as i wanted. following is my code
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  2. Dim iRowLoop, iColLoop, upto
  3. For iRowLoop = 0 to UBound(mytable,2) 'Earnings row%>
  4. <tr><td width="20%">&nbsp;</td>
  5. <%    For iColLoop = 0 to UBound(mytable, 1) 'Earnings col%>
  6. <td width="20%"><span class="fc1-2"><%=mytable(iColLoop, iRowLoop)%></span></td>
  7. <%    Next
  8. Dim idednRow, idednCol
  9. For idednRow = 0 to UBound (mytable1, 2) 'deduction row
  10. For idednCol = 0 to UBound (mytable1, 1) 'deduction col%>
  11. <td width="20%"><span class="fc1-2"><%=mytable1(idednCol, idednRow)%></span></td>
  12. <%    Next 
  13.     Next
  15. Next%>
  16. </tr>
the inner loop is getting repeated because of the outer loop.(how to check that?) and i need to display the rows as follows
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  1. <tr><td>earnings</td><td>deductions</td></tr>  
pl help me. thanx
Jun 6 '08 #1
8 2158
432 Expert 256MB
Just a quick response as Im short on time right now...but..

Right off the bat your </tr> is not inside your loop. So you not closing each row that your write out. That may be part of your display problems.

Also if you don't want the inner loop to repeat each time then just set up a flag.

Something like ?

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  2. for loop
  3.      if MyLoop <> "False" then
  4.           for loop
  5.                'set flag
  6.                MyLoop = "False"
  7.          next
  8.      end if
  9. next
Jun 6 '08 #2
hello jeffstl,

thank you so much for your reply.

i have solved the problem of repeating inner loop by setting the flag as you mentioned. Works fine.

the loop is giving me following result in a table.

outer loop result(Earnings)-------------------inner loop result(deductions)

BASIC --------------- 0000 ------------------- PF------- 000-------------PT ------000
HRA ------------------ 0000
LTA ------------------ 000
TA ------------------------ 000
CONVEYNACE ---------000

(the dashes are given just to understand the different cloumns)
SO, i just want that PT to come under PF.

i think i have to rearrange the loops for that.
Can you please guide me.
Jun 7 '08 #3
432 Expert 256MB
Can you re-post your modified code?

It sounds like you are simply writing out an extra column that you don't need to.

Double check your <td> tags, it sometimes helps to view the HTML output of the loop and see where you are generating the code incorrectly.
Jun 9 '08 #4
thank u for ur reply,
i think u got now what i really wanted.
following is my new code:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.  Dim iRowLoop, iColLoop 
  2. For iRowLoop = 0 to UBound(mytable,2)'Earnings row%>
  3. <tr><td width="20%">&nbsp;</td>
  4. <%    For iColLoop = 0 to UBound(mytable, 1)'Earnings col%>
  5. <td width="20%"><span class="fc1-2"><%=mytable(iColLoop, iRowLoop)%></span></td>
  6. <%    Next
  8. Dim idednRow, idednCol, myflag
  9. if myflag <> "false" then
  10. For idednRow = 0 to UBound (mytable1, 2)'deduction row
  11. For idednCol = 0 to UBound (mytable1, 1)'deduction col%>
  12. <td width="20%"><span class="fc1-2"><%=mytable1(idednCol, idednRow)%></span></td>
  13. <%    Next%> 
  14. <%    Next
  15. myflag = "false"
  16. end if
  17. %>
  18. </tr>
  19. <%Next%>

i know the <td> of deduction column is repeating, but it is very difficult to get that new row of deduction as well as earnings and the respective columns to new line.

please help me...........
Jun 10 '08 #5
979 Expert 512MB

Please can you start using the # button when writing your posts to surround your code with code tags - they make your posts much easier for everybody to read.

If you have not done so already, please take the time to read the Posting Guidelines.

Thank you,

Jun 10 '08 #6
432 Expert 256MB
Without actually being able to test this (plus your loops are not indented) its very difficult for me to see why a unnecessary <td> is looping out.

Just look at the OUTPUT page of the HTML generated by this code, and look at your code carefully and try to see where you can remove the <td>.

Just try things out, remove a <td> and run it and see what you get, then youll start to understand how your loops are working better.
Jun 11 '08 #7
OK, thanx for all ur reply
will try my best . thank u again
Jun 12 '08 #8
Can any one please help me to sort this out.

i m not able to clear it.
please help...........................
Jun 14 '08 #9

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