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comparing data base element with array element

hi i am working on array , i am facing a problem in comparing data base element with array element

if not (objrs("namephase")=("despArray(ctr,0)+despArray(c tr,3)")) then


If (StrComp(objRS("UserName")),("despArray(ctr,0)+des pArray(ctr,3)")) , vbTextCompare) = 0) Then

please help me
Aug 24 '07 #1
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3,406 Expert 2GB
what types of problems is this giving you? Does the logic always return false?

Aug 27 '07 #2
346 Expert 100+
If i'm understanding what you're trying to do correctly.. I wrote a function for this purpose not too long ago.

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  1.     Function IsLegitimate(aTemp,sTerm)
  2.         For i = 0 To UBound(aTemp)
  3.             If InStr(aTemp(i), sTerm) > 0 Then
  4.                 IsLegitimate = True
  5.                 Exit For
  6.             Else
  7.                 IsLegitimate = False
  8.             End If
  9.         Next
  10.     End Function
called like this..

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  1. If IsLegitimate(Split("value1 value2 value3 value4 value5"), rs("whateverfield")) then
  2. 'the function found the value of the field from the database in your array
  3. Else
  4. 'the array does not contain the value of the field from the database
  5. end if
Aug 28 '07 #3

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