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How to calculate the expired date when the topupAmount and topupdate are given


I have a question,i need to do a task which is when client enter the topupdate and topupamount,the expected expired date will appear on the table,can anyone help me since i have spend 2 weeks to do this.i had try dateAdd function but still cannot. Here are my sample coding

if Request.QueryString("S_MobileNo") <> EMPTY then
recordSet("MobileNo") = Request.QueryString("S_MobileNo")
end if
if Request.QueryString("S_ServiceType") <> EMPTY then
recordSet("ServiceType") = Request.QueryString("S_SeviceType")

end if
if Request.QueryString("S_State") <> EMPTY then
recordSet("State") = Request.QueryString("S_State")
end if
if Request.QueryString("S_Location") <> EMPTY then
recordSet("Description") = Request.QueryString("S_Location")
end if
if Request.QueryString("S_TopupDate") <> EMPTY then
if IsDate(Request.QueryString("S_TopupDate")) then
DateStr = Day(Request.QueryString("S_TopupDate")) & "/" & Month(Request.QueryString("S_TopupDate")) & "/" & Year(Request.QueryString("S_TopupDate"))
recordSet("TopupDate") = DateStr
end if
end if
if Request.QueryString("S_TopupAmount") <> EMPTY then
if isnumeric(Request.QueryString("S_TopupAmount")) then
recordSet("TopupAmount") = Request.QueryString("S_TopupAmount")
end if
end if
if Request.QueryString("S_ExpiredDate") <> EMPTY then
d_added=DateAdd("d",TopupAmount,TopupDate) 'ExpiredDate = TopupDate + TopupAmount'
end if
if Request.QueryString("S_owner") <> EMPTY then
recordSet("owner") = Request.QueryString("S_owner")
end if
if Request.QueryString("S_remark") <> EMPTY then
recordSet("remark") = Request.QueryString("S_remark")
end if

Set connectionToDatabase=Nothing

Plz help Me!!Tq
Aug 23 '07 #1
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  1. if Request.QueryString("S_TopupDate") <> EMPTY then
  2. if IsDate(Request.QueryString("S_TopupDate")) then 
  3. DateStr = Day(Request.QueryString("S_TopupDate")) & "/" & Month(Request.QueryString("S_TopupDate")) & "/" & Year
You are returning a string from the QueryString depending how you send the S_TopupDate, it may not be a valid date. You could do
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  1. Response.Write(IsDate(Request.QueryString("S_TopupDate")) 
then you can verify if it is returning as a valid date. If you are passing something like 08212007, that will return false.
Aug 23 '07 #2
thanx but i want to solve my problem regarding how to calculate expired date if the topup date and amount of the prepaid card is given..plz anyone can help??
Aug 27 '07 #3
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Er, this sounds like you are trying to add a monetary value to a date - which won't work.

What context is TopUpAmount? Is it a monetary value, an integer, or a date in itself?
Aug 28 '07 #4
topupamount is currency,when user topup his/her prepaid the expired date for the credit will be count by this system.

tq and plz anyone help me!!!
Sep 3 '07 #5
346 Expert 100+
Well then that's your first problem

How do you hope to add a currency value to a date?

You're basically saying : add $24 to September 2nd 2007
Sep 3 '07 #6
but topupamount is the day because when you topup 30,the expired date will be increased to 30 days more.
Sep 4 '07 #7

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