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Auto Submitting a form

Having a little problem with a project my boss gave me. We have a web based hosting site that we have multiple databases that the users can connect to. Right now we have it set up that they can choose the database they want to login to but he wants it to login to the only database the user is allowed to see.

I have a login script that I am using on another project that works great by using redirect. The problem I have with the doing the same thing on this is I need to post a form on the server so it connects to the right database and loads the software correctly.

Example of good page:

User enters username and password. If both are correct then redirect to the next page. If not, send them to a page saying that the login was incorrect.

Example of issue page:

User enters username and password. It checks to see that both are correct and populates what database they need. Once this is done I create my form with hidden fields and then...bla. I need to simulate the clicking of the submit button so the information gets processed with no user clicking.

Here is the code I need to get auto submitted:
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  1. <Form Action="@ITEM_PROTOCOL@://@ITEM_SERVER@/" METHOD=POST>        
  2. <INPUT type="Hidden" NAME="USER" VALUE=strUserName>
  3. <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="Password" Value=rsCheckUser("pass")>
  4. <INPUT TYPE="Hidden" NAME="Database" Value=rsCheckUser("database")>
  5. <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="STATION" VALUE="View">
  7. <INPUT  NAME="FRAME"      TYPE="hidden"  VALUE="ALL"> 
The page that this code is on is all ASP and just does the checking and the goes to the regular pages. I know I can put a confirm button on the page but I want to have nothing on this page the user can see.
Any Ideas?
Jun 29 '07 #1
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There are two possibilities. One is a javascript approach which submits the form as soon as the document loads. I'm not an expert on javascript, but syntax is something like:
[html]onload="document.all.myFormName.submit()"[/html] notice your form needs to be named for this to work. Or it might need an ID. Like I said, I'm not an expert.

The second option is to pass a whole bunch of querystring data in the URL when you redirect.
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  1. page = "nextPage.asp?USER=" & strUserName
  2. page = page & "Password=" & rsCheckUser("pass")
  3. response.redirect page
If you previously only accepted form data with code like
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  1. request.form("USER")
this will need to be changed to
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  1. request.querystring("USER")
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  1. request("USER")
notice that either of these work. Now that I think about it, you could also pass this data as cookies or as session-level variables, but querystring data takes the least amount of re-writing.

Let me know if this helps or if you would like further clarification.

Jun 29 '07 #2
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I think something other than querystring would be best if users might be going through a proxy. The URI is almost always logged by default whereas POST isn't. Just my preference though.
Jun 30 '07 #3

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