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asp and XML help!

im trying to add a new customer record to my XML file using ASP. im getting the corrrect information into my xml file however my XML tree struction isnt what it should be..let me explain.

below is a sample of my customers.xml file notice the structure

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  1.   <customers xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="customers.xsd">
  2.     <customer customerNumber="BL343456">
  3.         <meterNumber>134456</meterNumber>
  4.         <name title="">
  5.             <firstName></firstName>
  6.             <lastName></lastName>
  7.         </name>
  8.         <address>
  9.             <streetNumber></streetNumber>
  10.             <streetName></streetName>
  11.             <suburb></suburb>
  12.             <pCode></pCode>
  13.         </address> 
  14.            </customer>
when i obtain the information from the form and write to the xml file the following structure is the result

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  1.   <customer customerNumber="">
  2.             <meterNumber/>
  3.             <name title="">
  4.                     <firstName/>
  5.                     <lastName/>
  6.          <address>
  7.                  <streetNumber/>
  8.                  <streetName/>
  9.                  <suburb/>
  10.                 <pCode/>
  11.              </address>
  12.           </name>
  13.        </customer> 
notice that my address root is within root element of name...im not sure how to close the name root and start my address root element

here is a portion of my asp code

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  1.     Set xmlRoot = xmlFile.DocumentElement
  3.     ' Create new customer and Customer ID node
  4.     Set xmlNode = xmlFile.CreateElement( "customer" )
  5.     Call xmlNode.SetAttribute("customerNumber", custNum)
  6.     Call xmlRoot.AppendChild( xmlNode )
  8.     Set xmlRoot = xmlNode
  10.     'Create meter number node.
  11.     Set xmlNode = xmlFile.CreateElement( "meterNumber" )
  12.     xmlNode.Text = metNumber
  13.     Call xmlRoot.AppendChild( xmlNode )
  15.     'create the name node and title attribute
  16.     Set xmlNode = xmlFile.CreateElement( "name" )
  17.     Call xmlNode.SetAttribute("title", title)
  18.     Call xmlRoot.AppendChild( xmlNode )
  20.     'set the name element to the root element for the following 
  21.     Set xmlRoot = xmlNode
  23.    'create firstname.
  24.     Set xmlNode = xmlFile.CreateElement( "firstName" )
  25.     xmlNode.Text = fName
  26.     Call xmlRoot.AppendChild( xmlNode )
  28.     'create surname (lastname)
  29.     Set xmlNode = xmlFile.CreateElement( "lastName" )
  30.     xmlNode.Text = surName
  31.     Call xmlRoot.AppendChild( xmlNode )
  33.     Set xmlNode = xmlFile.CreateElement( "address" )
  34.     Call xmlRoot.AppendChild( xmlNode )
  35.     Set xmlRoot = xmlNode 
May 28 '07 #1
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