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I am converting a VB .ASP using an Access Databese program to a
VB .ASP using a SQL database, I am almost done There is one problem,
I have a field which is a ntext (memo field in Access) that won't
display in a HTML table:

"<td><font size="2"><%=MRMTitle%></font></td>"

It will show up as a response.write: " Response.Write("<p>Req = " +
rsMRM("Requirements_Long") + "<p>")"
Everything else shows up in my program, except for this one thing. I
have a co-worker and a friend both helping me, and both are stumped. I
am very confused. Can anyone help me with this?

Here is my main Select:

" qryString = "SELECT [General/Meeting Title], [Meeting Start],
[Meeting End], [Group_ID], [Requirements_Long], Rooms.[Meeting
qryString = qryString & " [Notification/EMail] FROM Reservations"
qryString = qryString & " INNER JOIN Rooms ON Reservations.Room_ID
= Rooms.Room_ID"
qryString = qryString & " WHERE (((Reservations.[Meeting
Start])>'" & startDateNew & "')"
qryString = qryString & " AND ((Reservations.[Meeting End])<'" &
endDateNew & "')) ""

Once I open the query then I loop through processing the data. I try
to assign [General/Meeting Title] to a variable, MRMTitle, but it is
blank. Like I said it will print with a response.write but nothing

I forgot to mention that in the Access database the [General/Meeting
Title] is a memo field, here in the converted SQL database, [General/
Meeting Title] is now a NTEXT field. I do not know if that makes a
difference or not.

If anyone needs more info, I will be happy to give it.

Apr 22 '07 #1
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Joe wrote:

I am converting a VB .ASP using an Access Databese program to a
VB .ASP using a SQL database, I am almost done There is one problem,
I have a field which is a ntext (memo field in Access) that won't
display in a HTML table:

Microsoft MVP - ASP/ASP.NET
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