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if Session("LastSortOrder") = Null then ...


I like to check is the session variable "LastSortOrder" allready exists.

But I can't find a way in VB.

if Session("LastSortOrder") = Null then brings an error.

I also can't use system.dbnull ....

What can I do?

Oct 31 '06 #1
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try this

if len(Session("LastSortOrder")) <= 0 then
Oct 31 '06 #2
Hello Scripto!

Thank you for your help,
in the same moment i found:

If (Session("LastSortOrder")) Is Nothing Then

Both works!!
Best regards!

try this

if len(Session("LastSortOrder")) <= 0 then
Oct 31 '06 #3
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Hi guys,

Both methods should work just fine, but there is another method too. Take a look at the below attached link. Good luck & take care.

Nov 1 '06 #4
1,208 Expert 1GB
if Session("LastSortOrder") = "" then
if isnull(Session("LastSortOrder")) then
Nov 1 '06 #5
Thank you for your help too!!

if Session("LastSortOrder") = "" then
if isnull(Session("LastSortOrder")) then
Nov 2 '06 #6

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