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AspUpload Uplod.form("") in a class

When the form is submitted as ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" using AspUpload component, I understand to use Upload.form("") to retreive the form elements. But I cannot retreive it from inside a class.

Anybody can help?

The form page goes to upload.asp, where inside upload.asp it calls the class which reads the form element and return back the values.

Here is the code of the class.

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  1. Class pluginFileTransfer
  2.         Public path, blnoverwrite, maxfilesize, SelectImageWidth
  3.         Public uploadedFileName, uploadedFileSize, uploadedFilePath, uploaded_error
  4.         Public contentType
  7.         ' Create objects required by the plugin
  8.         ' The 3rd party component etc.
  9.         Private Sub Class_Initialize()
  10.             'ObjFso is already available so the following line is commented out
  11.             'Set ObjFSO = server.CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
  12.             Set aspUpload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload")    
  13.             aspUpload.ProgressID = Request.QueryString("PID")
  15.         End Sub
  17.         ' Destroy objects
  18.         Private Sub Class_Terminate()
  19.             'Set ObjFso = Nothing
  20.             Set aspUpload = Nothing
  21.         End Sub
  23.         ' Upload the posted file
  24.         ' Return values: 0 - success, 1 - no file sent, 2 - path not found, 3 - write error, 4 - extension not allowed
  25.         ' The public variable path (save location) should be set prior to calling this function.
  26.         ' The public variables uploadedFileName, uploadedFileSize and contentType should be set before exiting this function.
  27.         Public Function Upload()
  28.             Dim file
  30.             on error resume next                                
  32.             If AspUpload.Form("select_filewidth") = "2" Then
  33.                 SelectImageWidth = 2
  34.             Elseif AspUpload.Form("select_filewidth") = "1" Then
  35.                 SelectImageWidth = 1
  36.             Else
  37.                 SelectImageWidth = 0
  38.             End If
  39.             SelectImageWidth = cstr(AspUpload.Form("select_filewidth"))
  41.             aspUpload.OverwriteFiles = blnoverwrite 
  42.             aspUpload.SetMaxSize maxfilesize, True
  44.             aspUpload.Save
  45.             'File.SaveAs path & "\" & File.FileName
  46.             Set File = aspUpload.Files("image_url0")
  49.             Set ObjFSO = server.CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")            
  51.             If file is nothing Then
  52.                 Upload = 1
  53.             ElseIf not ObjFso.FolderExists(Server.MapPath(path)) Then 
  54.                 Upload = 2
  55.             Else
  56.                 uploadedFileName = file.ExtractFileName                
  57.                 'Code where the file is uploaded
  58.             End If
  59.             Set ObjFso = Nothing
  60.         End Function
  63.          ' --- Internal variables and functions specific to this plugin only (non standard) ---
  64.         ' Here, the private variables, functions  specific to this plugin can be defined.
  65.         Private aspUpload
  66.     End Class        
May 7 '06 #1
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