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Excel not updating

Here is a code for ASP inputs being updated in Excel. However, when I
click to submit the user, the excel does not get updated!

<% @Language="VBSc ript" %>

Dim con
Dim rst
Dim strCon
Dim strSQL
Dim name
Dim phone
Dim key
Dim goAhead
Dim myStr

Const adOpenKeyset = 1
Const adLockPessimist ic = 2

On Error Resume Next
name=Request("t xtPatientName")
phone=Request(" txtPhone")

For Each key In Request.Form
If Request.Form(ke y)= "" Then
If key = "txtPatientName " Then
Response.Write "<FONT Color = 'Blue'>"
Response.Write "Please enter the Patient name.</Font>"
Response.Write "<FONT Color = 'Red'>"
Response.Write "Please enter the Phone number.</Font>"
End If
goAhead = False
Exit For
End If

If goAhead = True Then
name=Replace(Re quest("txtPatie ntName"),"'","' '")
If Len(name)<0 Or _
Len(phone)<>0 Then
Set con = Server.CreateOb ject("ADODB.Con nection")
strCon="Provide r=Microsoft.Jet .OLEDB.4.0;Data Source="
strCon=strCon & server.MapPath( "ExcelDb.xl s") & ";"
strCon=strCon & "Extended Properties=Exce l 8.0"
If Request("cmdSub mit")="Enter Data in Excel" Then
strSQL = "INSERT INTO [Sheet1$] (Patient, Phone)"
strSQL = strSQL & " VALUES ('" & name & "'"
strSQL = strSQL & ",'" & Phone & "')"
End If
With con
.Open strCon
If Request("cmdDel ete")<>"Delete Data" Then
.Execute(strSQL )
set rst = Server.CreateOb ject("ADODB.Rec ordset")
rst.Open "Select * from [Sheet1$] Where Patient='" & _
name & "'" & _
" AND phone ='"& phone &"'", _
con, adOpenKeyset, adLockPessimist ic
rst.fields(0).v alue = ""
rst.fields(1).v alue = ""
End If
End With
If err.Number =3021 Then
Response.Write "The information you entered "
Response.Write "cannot be deleted." & "<BR>"
Response.Write "Either name or phone number "
Response.Write "is incorrect. " & "<P>"
name = ""
phone = ""
set rst = Server.CreateOb ject("ADODB.Rec ordset")
rst.Open "Select * from [Sheet1$]", con
Response.Write "<TABLE Border=""1"">"
For Each fld in rst.Fields
Response.Write "<TH>" & fld.Name & "</TH>"
Do While Not rst.EOF
Response.Write "<TR>"
For Each fld in rst.Fields
Response.Write "<TD>" & fld.Value & "</TD>"
Response.Write "</TR>"
Response.Write "</TABLE>"
Set rst=Nothing
Set con=Nothing
End If
End If
End If


<TITLE>Patien t Data Entry Screen</TITLE>
<FORM Action="ExcelEn try.asp" Method = "POST" Name="form1">
<TD>Patient Name: </TD>
<INPUT Type="text1" Name="txtPatien tName"
Value="<%=name% >" Size= "30">
<TD>Phone: </TD>
<INPUT Type="text2" Name="txtPhone"
Value="<%=phone %>">
<INPUT Type="Submit" Name="cmdSubmit "
Value="Enter Data in Excel">
<INPUT Type="Submit" Name="cmdDelete "
Value="Delete Data">
If err.number = 0 Then
If (Request("cmdSu bmit")="Enter Data in Excel" or _
Request("cmdDel ete") = "Delete Data") and _
Request.Form(ke y) <>"" Then
myStr = "The following data has been successfully "
If Request("cmdSub mit")="Enter Data in Excel" Then
Response.Write "<I><FONT Color = 'Green'>" & _
myStr & "added:</I></FONT><HR>"
ElseIf Request("cmdDel ete") = "Delete Data" Then
Response.Write "<I><FONT Color = 'Green'>" & _
myStr & "deleted:</I></FONT><HR>"
End If
End If
If Request("txtPat ientName") <>"" or _
Request("txtPho ne") <>"" Then
Response.Write "Patient Name: <B>" & _
Request("txtPat ientName") & "</B></P>"
Response.Write "Phone Number: <B>" & _
Request("txtPho ne") & "</B>"
End If
End If

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