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0x8002801D "Library not registered" error creating RegExp object

On Windows 2000
Inetinfo.exe verson 4.02.0622
GetScriptEngine Info= VBScript Version 5.6.8515
In an ASP page I get the following error

Error Type:
Library not registered.
/ResolutionT1/_ScriptLibrary/libraryvbs.inc, line 240

The line is:
Set objRegExp = New regexp

I've referredto KB274038 which discusses Registry permissions.
I've given Everyone and Authenticated users full control for the
VBScript.RegExp CLSID and TypeLib.{3F4DAC A7-160D-11D2-A8E9-00104B365C9F}
I've viewed registry activity with Regmon, but the onlr ACCDENIED I see is for HKCU at the top level, which I've also given full permissions to.

I have no idea how to deal with this.

The accesses to the registry key for the VBScript.RegExp read as follows in RegMon.

1658.09668014 DLLHOST.EXE:174 0 OpenKey HKCU\TypeLib\{3 F4DACA7-160D-11D2-A8E9-00104B365C9F} NOTFOUND
1658.09677400 DLLHOST.EXE:174 0 OpenKey HKCR\TypeLib\{3 F4DACA7-160D-11D2-A8E9-00104B365C9F} SUCCESS Key: 0xE23AB280
1658.09683519 DLLHOST.EXE:174 0 QueryKey HKCR\TypeLib\{3 F4DACA7-160D-11D2-A8E9-00104B365C9F} SUCCESS Name: \REGISTRY\MACHI NE\SOFTWARE\CLA SSES\TypeLib\{3 F4DACA7-160D-11D2-A8E9-00104B365C9F}
1658.09693995 DLLHOST.EXE:174 0 OpenKey HKCU\TypeLib\{3 F4DACA7-160D-11D2-A8E9-00104B365C9F}\5 .5 NOTFOUND
1658.09699778 DLLHOST.EXE:174 0 OpenKey HKCR\TypeLib\{3 F4DACA7-160D-11D2-A8E9-00104B365C9F}\5 .5 NOTFOUND
1658.09706734 DLLHOST.EXE:174 0 QueryKey HKCR\TypeLib\{3 F4DACA7-160D-11D2-A8E9-00104B365C9F} SUCCESS Name: \REGISTRY\MACHI NE\SOFTWARE\CLA SSES\TypeLib\{3 F4DACA7-160D-11D2-A8E9-00104B365C9F}
1658.09717378 DLLHOST.EXE:174 0 OpenKey HKCU\TypeLib\{3 F4DACA7-160D-11D2-A8E9-00104B365C9F} NOTFOUND
1658.09722239 DLLHOST.EXE:174 0 EnumerateKey HKCR\TypeLib\{3 F4DACA7-160D-11D2-A8E9-00104B365C9F} SUCCESS Name: 1.0
1658.09726429 DLLHOST.EXE:174 0 EnumerateKey HKCR\TypeLib\{3 F4DACA7-160D-11D2-A8E9-00104B365C9F} NOMORE
1658.09734726 DLLHOST.EXE:174 0 CloseKey HKCR\TypeLib\{3 F4DACA7-160D-11D2-A8E9-00104B365C9F} SUCCESS Key: 0xE23AB280

Jul 19 '05 #1
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