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Response.Redire ct problem

I am having a strange problem that I cannot solve. I have an asp page that I use for a user to login and gain access to other pages. When the user logs in I set a couple of session variables like Session("UserTy pe") = "Sales". Then based on the Session("UserTy pe") I use response.redire ct to take the user to a specific page. The logic and response.redire ct works fine on a Win2k server but when I move the page to a server running Win2003 the response.redire ct does not work even though the session variables are being set correctly. I can use response.write session("UserTy pe") to see that it is set to "Sales" yet the response.redire ct logic will not redirect to the page I want. The user is always redirected to the default page at the bottom of the If statements I am using. Can anyone tell me what might be causing this? Thanks
Jul 19 '05 #1
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You are losing your session variables
There are a bunch of us that are having the same problem
You will find that the session variables are gone and you run the
session_onstart at every page.
Jul 19 '05 #2
Is this just some session variables? I am using the same variable at the top of every page to verify that the user has logged in and if the variable is empty then I redirect to the login page - all of that still works fine.
Jul 19 '05 #3
I set up several pages to work with sessions on both IIS5 (W2K) and IIS6 (W2K3). It appears that both work the same. Sessions variables
remain intact until the session times out or all the IE browsers on the client machine are shutdown. I think Opera browser create a new
session for each instance of a connection to IIS (I'll have to check this)

Other things that can cause session variables to reset is touching the Global.asa file which makes IIS think it needs to recycle all the
sessions. I've included the test files below, and would like to hear from anyone with different results.

global.asa << include the Session_OnStart into your Global.asa, this set's an initial session variable
Session1.asp << This sets some session variables and redirects to Session2
Session2.asp << this Writes the session variables and a form. The button actions Session3.asp
Session3.asp << This writes the session variables and on button push, goes to Session1.asp which redirects to Session2

The session variable called LoopTick (Initially set by global.asa) contains a hostory fo the session pages being accessed.

Sub Session_OnStart ()
Session( "LoopTick" ) = "SessionStarted " & now & " >"
End Sub


Response.write( "<br>In Session1.asp " )
Session( "LoopTick" ) = Session( "LoopTick" ) + "1"
Response.write( "<br>LoopTi ck=" & Session( "LoopTick" ) )
Session( "able" ) = "Sess1-1"
Session( "baker" ) = "Sess1-2"

Response.redire ct( "Session2.a sp" )


Response.write( "<br>In Session2.asp " )
Session( "LoopTick" ) = Session( "LoopTick" ) + "2"
Response.write( "<br>LoopTi ck=" & Session( "LoopTick" ) )

Response.write( "<br>Able=" & Session( "able" ) )
Response.write( "<br>Baker= " & Session( "baker" ) )

Response.write( "<br>Resett ing Session variables" )
Session( "able" ) = "Sess2-1"
Session( "baker" ) = "Sess2-2"
Response.flush( )
<Form method="POST" name="MyForm" ACTION="Session 3.asp" >
<INPUT TYPE=Submit VALUE="Goto Session3 page ">



Response.write( "<br>In Session3.asp " )
Session( "LoopTick" ) = Session( "LoopTick" ) + "3"
Response.write( "<br>LoopTi ck=" & Session( "LoopTick" ) )

Response.write( "<br>Able=" & Session( "able" ) )
Response.write( "<br>Baker= " & Session( "baker" ) )

Response.write( "<br>Resett ing Session variables" )
Session( "able" ) = "Sess3-1"
Session( "baker" ) = "Sess3-2"
Response.flush( )
<Form method="POST" name="MyForm" ACTION="Session 1.asp" >
<INPUT TYPE=Submit VALUE="Goto Session1 page ">


This is what I think, not necessarily what is accurate!

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| You are losing your session variables

There are a bunch of us that are having the same problem

You will find that the session variables are gone and you run the

session_onstart at every page.
Jul 19 '05 #4

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