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NEWBEE wishes to send xml data via the SOAP method

16 New Member
Hello one and all.

I have recently been working outside of my field of expertise alot, and it is greatly distressing me. I have learned a small amount of php and actionscript, but now need to move into the realm of asp.

I have been supplied this script in asp classic by the web service administrator as an example, but i have no idea how to use it in conjunction with a html POST form.

1. Should the form be put within the same page?

2. How do i replace the values in the strAppData portion of the script with the POST ones entered into the fields of the form?

The asp is working as expected, it's just that it's not dynamic.

<title>Callin g a webservice from classic ASP</title>

If Not IsEmpty(Request .Form("cmdSubmi t")) Then
strAppData = ""
strAppData = strAppData & "<CentralTrust> "
strAppData = strAppData & " <Ident>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <BrokerID>11111 111</BrokerID>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <BrokerName>Tes ter Broker</BrokerName>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <AppNo>1234-TST</AppNo>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <Trans>SHORTAPP SUBMIT</Trans>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " </Ident>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <Application> " & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <MainApp>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <Title>Mr</Title>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <FirstName>Jame s</FirstName>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <Surname>Bond </Surname>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <Email>james@un i-exports.co.uk</Email>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <Marital>S</Marital>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <HomePhone>0192 3280000</HomePhone>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <MobilePhone>07 779876554</MobilePhone>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <Address>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <YearsAtAddress >0</YearsAtAddress> " & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <MonthsAtAddres s>0</MonthsAtAddress >" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <HouseNameNo>38 </HouseNameNo>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <Street>West Close</Street>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <Locality />" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <Town>London</Town>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <County>Great er London</County>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <Postcode>HA3 5LR</Postcode>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " </Address>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " </MainApp>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <Details>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <LoanAmount>250 00</LoanAmount>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <LoanTerm>120 </LoanTerm>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " <LoanPurpose>CA </LoanPurpose>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " </Details>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & " </Application>" & vbcrlf
strAppData = strAppData & "</CentralTrust>" & vbcrlf

strSOAP = "<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""utf-8""?>" & vbcrlf
strSOAP = strSOAP & "<soap:Enve lope xmlns:soap=""ht tp://schemas.xmlsoap .org/soap/envelope/"" xmlns:xsi=""htt p://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"" xmlns:xsd=""htt p://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"">" & vbcrlf
strSOAP = strSOAP & " <soap:Body>" & vbcrlf
strSOAP = strSOAP & " <SendApplicatio n xmlns=""http://www.centraltrus t.co.uk"">" & vbcrlf
strSOAP = strSOAP & " <appString>" & Replace(Replace (strAppData, "<", "&lt;"), ">", "&gt;") & "</appString>" & vbcrlf
strSOAP = strSOAP & " </SendApplication >" & vbcrlf
strSOAP = strSOAP & " </soap:Body>" & vbcrlf
strSOAP = strSOAP & "</soap:Envelope>" & vbcrlf

strURL = "http://testserver.cent raltrust.co.uk/AWDWebService/awdservice.asmx "
Set objHTTP = Server.CreateOb ject("Msxml2.Se rverXMLHTTP")
With objHTTP
.Open "POST", strUrl, false
.SetRequestHead er "Host", "testserver.cen traltrust.co.uk "
.SetRequestHead er "Content-Type", "text/xml; charset=utf-8"
.SetRequestHead er "SOAPAction ", "http://www.centraltrus t.co.uk/SendApplication "
.send strSOAP
Response.Write( .responseText)
End With
End If
<form id="frmTest" name="frmTest"m ethod="post">
<input type="submit" value="Test" name="cmdSubmit ">

If anybody can spare any time at all, i'd really appreciate it.

Thanks again.
Sep 7 '06 #1
4 4357
16 New Member
Just in case no one uses classic asp anymore, could i ask that someone help me with this asp.net version that i'm writing/compiling.

At present, this script writes an xml file elsewhere in the parent folder of my localhost. Obviously this is little help, as i need to send it to a web service using the SOAP method.

Does anyone know how I can change this script in order to do that?

<%@ Page language="vb"%>
<%@ Import Namespace="Syst em.XML" %>

<script language="VB" runat="server" ID=Script1>

Sub btnWriteXML_OnC lick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)

Dim enc as Encoding
'Create file, overwrite if exists
'enc is encoding object required by constructor
'It is null, so default encoding is used
Dim objXMLTW as new XMLTextWriter(S erver.MapPath(" loanPerson.xml" ), enc)
objXMLTW.WriteS tartDocument
'Top level (Parent element)
objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Ce ntralTrust")
objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Id ent")

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Br okerID")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring("11702258 ")
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Br okerName")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring("Irelish Limited")
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Ap pNo")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring("1234-TST")
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Tr ans")
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

'end ident
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Ap plication")

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Ma inApp")

'Child elements, from request form
objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Fi rstName")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" firstname"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Su rname")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" surname"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Em ail")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" email"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Ad dress")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" address"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Ma rital")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" marital"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Ho mePhone")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" homephone"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Mo bilePhone")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" mobilephone"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Ad dress")

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Ye arsAtAddress")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" yearsataddress" ))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Mo nthsAtAddress")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" monthsataddress "))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Ho useNameNo")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" housenameno"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("St reet")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" street"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Lo cality")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" locality"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("To wn")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" town"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Co unty")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" county"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Po stcode")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" postcode"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

'end Address
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

'end MainApp
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("De tails")

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Lo anAmount")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" loanamount"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Lo anTerm")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" loanterm"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteS tartElement("Lo anPurpose")
objXMLTW.WriteS tring(Request(" loanpurpose"))
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

'end Details
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

'end Application
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

'end Central Trust
objXMLTW.WriteE ndElement

objXMLTW.WriteE ndDocument 'End Document
objXMLTW.Flush 'Write to file

Catch Ex as Exception

End Try
End Sub



<center><b>XM L Text Reader/Text Writer Demo</b></center>

<form method="post" action="XML_DEM O.aspx" runat="server" ID=Form1>

<TD width="50%" valign = top>
Complete the fields below to create and display the XML file "loanPerson.xml &quot;
<p><strong>Appl icant</strong>

<table><tr><t d>


<td><asp:Textbo x id=firstname runat="server" width="200"
visible="True"> </asp:Textbox></td></tr>
<td>Surname: </td>

<asp:Textbox id="surname" runat="server" visible="True" width="200"/></td></tr>
City: </td>
<asp:Textbox id=city runat="server" width="200"
visible="True"> </asp:Textbox></td></tr>
Homephone: </td>
<asp:Textbox id=homephone runat="server" width="200" visible="True"
MaxLength="20"> </asp:Textbox></td></tr>
Postcode: </td>
<asp:Textbox id=postcode runat="server" width="200"
visible="True" maxlength="8"></asp:Textbox></td></tr>

<asp:Button id="btnWriteXML " text="Submit" OnClick="btnWri teXML_onClick" runat="server" />



Thankyou for reading, even if you can't help.
Sep 7 '06 #2
16 New Member
I've got an answer to my own question. I'll post it in case anyone fancies knowing

in the classic asp script to add a variable from the form, which is in this case in the same page as the asp, you can probably have the asp as an form action page as well ) you add

& Request.Form(“y ourFieldname”) &

so that a line of your code looks like

strAppData = strAppData & "<Title>” & Request.Form(“A pp1Title”) & “</Title>" & vbcrlf

similar to adding variable values in php ("stuff".$varia ble."stuff")

I don't think anyone would use this script these days, but you never know.

Good luck to all of you.
Sep 7 '06 #3
34 New Member
Check out w3schools.com XML and SOAP section .There are lot of examples
Hope this helps u
Sep 8 '06 #4
16 New Member
Check out w3schools.com XML and SOAP section .There are lot of examples
Hope this helps u

thankyou very much :)
Sep 8 '06 #5

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