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I am making a upload script for my images. I want the script to resize the
images automaticly.
The server supports AspJpeg but i don't have AspUpload.

Can anyone help me to implement the AspJpeg code into my upload code?
AspJpeg CODE.
' create instance of AspJpeg object
Set jpeg = Server.CreateOb ject("Persits.J peg")

' open uploaded file
jpeg.Open( File.Path )

' resize image accoring to "scale" option.
' notice that we cannot use Request.Form, so we use Upload.Form instead.
jpeg.Width = jpeg.OriginalWi dth * Upload.Form("sc ale") / 100
jpeg.Height = jpeg.OriginalHe ight * Upload.Form("sc ale") / 100

SavePath = Server.MapPath( "/bilde/") & File.ExtractFil eName

' AspJpeg always generates JPEG thumbnails regardless of original format.
' If the original file was not a JPEG, append .JPG extension.
If UCase(Right(Sav ePath, 3)) <> "JPG" Then
SavePath = SavePath & ".jpg"
End If

jpeg.Save SavePath



if Request.QuerySt ring("action") = "upload" then
Server.ScriptTi meout = 1200
Response.Expire s = 0
Response.Buffer = TRUE

Dim UploadRequest
Set UploadRequest = CreateObject("S cripting.Dictio nary")

ByteCount = Request.TotalBy tes

if ByteCount > Application("Ma xFileSize2Uploa d") then
Response.Redire ct "./select_image.as p?error=05"
end if
RequestBin = Request.BinaryR ead(byteCount)
BuildUploadRequ est RequestBin

Dim aux, aux1
Dim ImageCateg, ContentType, FilePathName, FileName, Value

ImageCateg = Unescape(Upload Request.Item("i npcatid").Item( "Value")) 'Image

on error resume next
ContentType = UploadRequest.I tem("inpFile"). Item("ContentTy pe")
FILEFLAG = err.number
on error goto 0

if FILEFLAG = 0 then
ContentType = UploadRequest.I tem("inpFile"). Item("ContentTy pe")
FilePathName = UploadRequest.I tem("inpFile"). Item("FileName" )
FileName =
Right(filepathn ame,Len(filepat hname)-InstrRev(filepa thname,"\"))
Value = UploadRequest.I tem("inpFile"). Item("Value")
FileName = ""
end if

Dim objFSO2
Dim objUploadFile

if FileName<>"" then
on error resume next
Set objFSO2 = Server.CreateOb ject("Scripting .FileSystemObje ct")
Set objUploadFile = objFSO2.CreateT extFile(ImageCa teg&"\"&FileNam e)
objUploadFile.W rite getString(value )
objUploadFile.C lose
FILEFLAG = err.number
on error goto 0
end if

Set objFSO2 = nothing
Set objUploadFile = nothing
Set UploadRequest = nothing

if FILEFLAG = 0 then
sUrl = "./select_image.as p?catid=" & Escape(ImageCat eg) & "&dir=" &
Escape(sDir) & "&fld=" & Escape(sField)
sUrl = "./select_image.as p?error=02"
end if

Response.Redire ct sUrl
End If
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