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HI All,

I am having a problem that is driving me crazy. I have this asp file
which queries three table sin the db and writes the records. That part
is fine (process). The page is sorted in ascending order by a field
inthe db name CYear. The results are crazy. It misses, refuses to pass
or ignores 7 records. By the way which is the equivalentto one page.
The page size is divided into 7 records per page. Also, when is fails
to send the missing records which ARE in the db it doubles some records.
Meaning a record could be on page 1 but it is also showing up on page 3
or a record could be on the bottom of page 4 but it also shows up on the
top of page 5. This thing is KILLING me, please help. The other
aspects of the page work fine. It is just when we added the sortBy
function that it all went crazy. Please help. The page is long but
simple to follow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



<%@LANGUAGE="JS cript" CODEPAGE="1252" %>

//my connection string. you may use yours instead.
var dbPath,dbName,s Conn, strCN;

//This is your connection string
var sConn = "dsn=thePartyKi dsDB";

//Create Connection
var oConn = Server.CreateOb ject("ADODB.Con nection");
oConn.Open (sConn);

// This is the page number that supplied by the Flash calling this page.
var pageNumber = parseInt(Reques t.Form("pageNum ber"));
//var pageNumber = 2; //comment out

// This is the school that supplied by the Flash calling this page.
var eSName = Request.Form("e SName");
//This is the page size
var pageSize = 7;

//This is your actual query
var tableName = "MemberRegistra tion INNER JOIN (MemberLogin INNER JOIN
MemberPreferenc es ON MemberLogin.MRI D = MemberPreferenc es.MRID) ON
(MemberLogin.MR ID = MemberRegistrat ion.MRID) AND
(MemberRegistra tion.MRID = MemberPreferenc es.MRID)";

//Your field list
var fields = "MemberLogin.MR ID, MemberLogin.UNa me,
MemberRegistrat ion.MRID, \
MemberRegistrat ion.FFName, MemberRegistrat ion.FNName,
MemberRegistrat ion.FLName, \
MemberRegistrat ion.CFName, MemberRegistrat ion.CNName,
MemberRegistrat ion.CLName, \
MemberRegistrat ion.ESName, MemberRegistrat ion.ESYear,
MemberRegistrat ion.MSName, \
MemberRegistrat ion.MSYear, MemberRegistrat ion.HSName,
MemberRegistrat ion.HSYear, \
MemberRegistrat ion.PSName, MemberRegistrat ion.PSYear,
MemberRegistrat ion.CName, \
MemberRegistrat ion.CYear, MemberRegistrat ion.OName,
MemberRegistrat ion.OYear, \
MemberPreferenc es.MRID, MemberPreferenc es.BMonth,
MemberPreferenc es.BDate, \
MemberPreferenc es.MStatus, MemberPreferenc es.NKids,
MemberPreferenc es.Occupation, \
MemberPreferenc es.City, MemberPreferenc es.State \
//your filter clause
var queryFilter = "(((MemberRegis tration.CName)= '" + eSName + "'))"
//Paging query setting
var primaryKey = "MemberRegistra tion.MRID";
var prevString = pageSize * (pageNumber-1);
//optional sorting (didnt use it)
//=============== =============== =============== ===========

var sortField = "MemberRegistra tion.CYear";
var sortDir = "ASC";

//The Paging query

var sSQL = "SELECT (SELECT ((COUNT(*) - 1)/" + pageSize + "+ 1) FROM "
+ tableName + " WHERE " + queryFilter + ") AS PageCount,(SELE CT
COUNT(*) FROM " + tableName + " WHERE " + queryFilter + ") AS
totalCount, " + fields + " \
FROM " + tableName + " \
WHERE " + primaryKey + " IN \
( \
SELECT TOP " + pageSize + " " + primaryKey + " \
FROM " + tableName + " \
WHERE " + queryFilter
if (prevString > 0)
sSQL += " AND " + primaryKey + " NOT IN \
( \
SELECT TOP " + prevString + "
" + primaryKey + " \
FROM " + tableName + " \
WHERE " + queryFilter ;
if ( sortField )
sSQL += " ORDER BY "
+ sortField ;
if ( sortField && sortDir )
sSQL += " " +
sortDir ;
sSQL += " ) " ;
if ( sortField )
sSQL += " ORDER BY " + sortField ;
if ( sortField && sortDir )
sSQL += " " + sortDir ;
sSQL += " ) ";
if ( sortField )
sSQL += " ORDER BY " + sortField ;
if ( sortField && sortDir )
sSQL += " " + sortDir ;

//opening the recordset
var rs = Server.CreateOb ject("ADODB.Rec ordset");
ActiveConnectio n = oConn;
CursorType = 3
CursorLocation = 3;
LockType = 1
Source = sSQL;

var strRW = "&";
//Im not sure if you need the counter now. Do you think that I need the
counter? Would it give me the total number of records or just the total
number on the page?
var numCO = 0;
totalcounter= rs.Fields("tota lCount").Value;
pagecounter= Math.floor(rs.F ields("PageCoun t").Value);

//I can suggest you to get rs fields using: rs.Fields("fiel dName").Value
while( !rs.EOF)
//In JS, the concatenation is done using the +.
strRW += "UName" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("UNam e").Value
+ "&BMonth" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("BMon th").Value
+ "&BDate" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("BDat e").Value
//+ "&BYear" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("BYea r").Value
+ "&MStatus" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("MSta tus").Value
+ "&NKids" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("NKid s").Value
+ "&Occupatio n" + numCO + "=" +
rs.Fields("Occu pation").Value
+ "&City" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("City ").Value
+ "&State" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("Stat e").Value
+ "&FFName" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("FFNa me").Value
+ "&FNName" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("FNNa me").Value
+ "&FLName" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("FLNa me").Value
+ "&CFName" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("CFNa me").Value
+ "&CNName" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("CNNa me").Value
+ "&CLName" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("CLNa me").Value
+ "&ESName" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("ESNa me").Value
+ "&ESYear" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("ESYe ar").Value
+ "&MSName" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("MSNa me").Value
+ "&MSYear" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("MSYe ar").Value
+ "&HSName" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("HSNa me").Value
+ "&HSYear" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("HSYe ar").Value
+ "&PSName" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("PSNa me").Value
+ "&PSYear" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("PSYe ar").Value
+ "&CName" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("CNam e").Value
+ "&CYear" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("CYea r").Value
+ "&OName" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("ONam e").Value
+ "&OYear" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("OYea r").Value + "&"
//+ "&Total" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("tota lCount").Value
// just in case Ive provided that total record count
//+ "&PageCount " + numCO + "=" +
Math.floor(rs.F ields("PageCoun t").Value) + "&" //the page count that
you need in your Flash
//+ "&Article" + numCO + "=" + rs.Fields("Arti cle").Value +
//screen test can I take the line breaks out
//Response.Write( strRW);

//I don't think that you need the tot now, since it will alwase show the
page size - see line 94?
Response.Write( strRW + "tot=" + numCO + "&"+"tCount er=" + totalcounter +
"&" + "pCounter=" + pagecounter);

rs = null;

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