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how to access wamp server from another computer in a lan?

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i created a page that stores all the information about the resume in to the database.
i used php and mysql database. its runs on wamp server...
it works fine in that system.

now i want to access that page from another computer and store the values into the database.computers are connected in the LAN.

another computer doesnt have wampserver. is it possible to access those pages using the servers ip address? if so how?
plz help..
Aug 6 '10 #1
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is WAMP your server or is Apache your server?
WAMP="Windows Apache MySQL PHP".

Apache is your web-server not WAMP

As a matter of fact to access a web page you do not need any server to be installed in your system. But the server(who will server the client request) need server to be installed.

Yes you can access your server from other machine. In that case two issue is possible.
1. If you just need to access from local network
2. If you need to access from internet i.e. from anywhere on earth.

for 2 you would have to have real(public) IP address.

for 1: you can access only from local network. Local ip address is enough.

in both case you need to make a small change in httpd.conf file.
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  1. #your root directory address in full 
  2. <Directory "C:/Program Files/*/www">
  3.  Order allow, deny
  4.  Allow from all
  5. </Directory>
After changing, you need to restart your apache server. then you can access from out side your own machine
Aug 6 '10 #2
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thanks a lot
Aug 6 '10 #3
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is it httpd.ini file? or httpd.conf file?
in wamp i find only httpd.conf file and php.ini file. where i to make these changes?
Aug 12 '10 #4
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itís httpd.conf. php.ini is not related to the Apache server.
Aug 12 '10 #5
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yes it is httpd.conf. i wrote http.ini by mistake. I apologize for that.
Aug 12 '10 #6
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no worry, that can happen to everyone.
Aug 12 '10 #7
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its ok. thanks.
i am trying to access the pages which are in wamp installed system. those files are in C:\wamp\www\Salary this folder. now i want access "home.php" from that folder from another system in the lan.

i tried typing ip address in the url ...
but it doesnt work...
i got this error
The requested URL /home.php was not found on this server.
plz help how to access those pages from another system...
i also changed the httpd.conf file like you mentioned...
Aug 13 '10 #8
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I dont know your httpd.conf file but i can guess that you havent create any Salary directory for apache.

you can access home.php by
if home.php in www folder

to access your address would have to be

A small suggestion: do not use uppercase letter for directory or file name
Aug 13 '10 #9
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ya. thank you very much.
Aug 13 '10 #10
127 100+
may i use like this to access the page from outside lan using public ip address.
Aug 13 '10 #11
If your have installed WAMP or XAMPP then you need not to do any change in conf file.
Just put the actual ip of your computer and followed by your project name.

for eg:


You cannot use this server until or unless you havent purchase an static IP and keep your firewall link with the internet IP and also with local server ip.

Aug 15 '10 #12

Just do this
> From the WampServer Notify Icon Click > Put Online
> Disable your firewall

That's it!

your users can access it in LAN.
May 4 '12 #13
Thanks!!! This is so simple...
Jun 8 '12 #14
Thanks! it was cool!
Aug 24 '13 #15
Is there anyway to achieve this without disabling firewall.
Aug 25 '13 #16
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You don't need to completely disable a firewall. You can just open/forward a single port.
Aug 25 '13 #17
Open port (8081) of the server such that everyone can access your server. This depends on which OS you are using. Like if you are using Windows Vista, then follow the below steps.

Open Control Panel >> System and Security >> Windows Firewall then click on “Advance Setting” and then select “Inbound Rules” from the left panel and then click on “Add Rule…”. Select “PORT” as an option from the list and then in the next screen select “TCP” protocol and enter port number “8081” under “Specific local port” then click on the ”Next” button and select “Allow the Connection” and then give the general name and description to this port and click Done.

Now you are done with PORT opening as well.

Next is “Restart All Services” of WAMP and access your machine in LAN or WAN.

Jeff Jones
Lead -
Dec 10 '13 #18
How could I access Magento from remote machine using XAMPP
Dec 16 '15 #19
8,658 Expert Mod 8TB
not at all.
Dec 16 '15 #20
can anyone write the code how to do this... or please mail it at riyap7922@gmail.com
Jan 5 '17 #21

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