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Give all computers in a network to access localhost

69 New Member

I just installed apache on my computer (with easyphp).
It works fine. But now i have a question.

I have at my house an network (just a normal house network, where all computers are connected to, so they all can acces the internet).
Is it possible that all my computers can get acces to the localhost here on my computer?
Sep 9 '10 #1
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2,456 Recognized Expert Moderator Top Contributor
You could setup the the dev environment in a VM. Then assign that VM it's own IP on the network. Every machine then has the following in the HOSTS file.

192.168.1.XXX devdomain.com

So everytime you access devdomain.com it will access the VM.
Sep 9 '10 #2
69 New Member
Iam sorry, please explain it better, i am new to this =)
Sep 9 '10 #3
988 Recognized Expert Contributor

There are a few possibilites on how to go about it. It depends on how your home network is set up.

If your local router is also providing DHCP and DNS services, then you can probably access the local computers by their existing names.

If not, then you need to know your server's IP address.



You should see a system address - it'll probably look life four small integers separated by dots. Typically it'll start with 192.168 but it is not guaranteed to be so.

Let's assume you see as your address.

If you don't have DNS locally, you're going to have to use the addresses or enter names in the hosts file.

Typically your URLs will look something like:
The problem with DNS is that it dynamically allocates addresses. If you leave a computer off for some period of time, the address is returned to the pool, and your computer may get a different address next time you turn it on.

So, if you put names and addresses in your hosts files, be aware that they may become obsolete.

Now that you're completely confused, think about it, look up DNS and read a little bit, and then we'll help you sort things out.
Sep 10 '10 #4
69 New Member
@oralloy i've tried it (with local DNS), but when i checked the URL:,

I came up with a popup login. Is that normal? Or not?
Sep 10 '10 #5
69 New Member
Anyone? Please?
Sep 10 '10 #6
988 Recognized Expert Contributor

Sorry for the long delay. I'm on the Amerikan Left Coast, so my hours are a little skewed from most Bytes usesr. It's 6:00 and I just got into work.

Is the pop-up prompting for login, or something else?

If you can give us the specifics of the pop-up, that'll help.
Sep 10 '10 #7
69 New Member

Yes, its a popup login, where it asks for a username and a password, to let me connect to
Sep 10 '10 #8
988 Recognized Expert Contributor

Are you certain that is the IP address of your server, and not the router?

Remember that the IP address should be the IP of the computer running easyphp.

BTW, I have about two hours, then I'm gone for the weekend. Hopefully we can get this done by then. If not, you many need to start a new thread to get some of the other folks to help finish things off.

Sep 10 '10 #9
988 Recognized Expert Contributor
Oh, I had another thought, too. Is your Web server only serving to port, or is it serving to the computer's address, as well.

This is important, because if it's not serving to your computer's external address, none of your other systems will be able to access the easyphp server.
Sep 10 '10 #10

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