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timeGetTime() vs Timer()

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If you're interested in measuring elapsed times in your Access Application, you're much better off using the timeGetTime() API Function instead of the Timer() VBA Function. There are 4 major reasons for this decision:
__1. timeGetTime() is more accurate. The Timer() Function measure time in 'seconds' since Midnight in a single-precision floating-point value, and is not terribly accurate. timeGetTime() returns the number of 'milliseconds' that have elapsed since Windows has started and is very accurate.
__2. timeGetTime() runs longer without 'rolling over'. Timer() rolls over every 24 hours. timeGetTime() keeps on ticking for up to 49 days before it resets the returned tick count to 0.
__3. Calling timeGetTime() is significantly faster than calling Timer().
__4. Calling timeGetTime() is no more complex than calling Timer(), once you've included the proper declaration as in:

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  1. Public Declare Function timeGetTime Lib "winmm.dll" () As Long 
A typical example of using timeGetTime would be:
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  1. Dim lngCounter As Long, dblSqr As Double
  2. Dim StartTime As Long, EndTime As Long
  4. StartTime = timeGetTime()
  6. For lngCounter = 1 To 20000000
  7.   dblSqr = Sqr(intCounter)
  8. Next
  10. EndTime = timeGetTime()
  11. Debug.Print "It took " & (EndTime - StartTime) / 1000 & " seconds to process this loop" 
It took 1.316 seconds to process this loop
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