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Function to Move (Forwards or Backwards) Through Weekdays

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,660
This code is quite old and may be bettered.
If anyone feels they can produce better code for this function go ahead and PM me your effort. If I feel that it is better (More efficient & 100% accurate) then I will replace this with it.
Until then, it is at least a usable version that visitors can use when they're in need.

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  1. 'MoveWD moves datThis on by the intInc weekdays.
  2. Public Function MoveWD(datThis As Date, intInc As Integer) As Date
  3.     MoveWD = datThis
  4.     For intInc = intInc To Sgn(intInc) Step -Sgn(intInc)
  5.         MoveWD = MoveWD + Sgn(intInc)
  6.         Do While (Weekday(MoveWD) Mod 7) < 2
  7.             MoveWD = MoveWD + Sgn(intInc)
  8.         Loop
  9.     Next intInc
  10. End Function
Jan 21 '07 #1
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