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This is not a Question

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So, I've been doing this for a while--maybe not as long as some o' all y'all who've been on here since the days of Commodore 64--but, I digress.

In the past several days, I've begun several questions and described all things in detail: I've provided sample code, given ample evidence that I've tried everything in my tool kit (much of which I've acquired from this forum), and just before I click, Submit, something says, "Hey, but did you try this?" It's usually NeoPa's blunt statements of my ineptitude (wink!) or Rabbit's terse, "Just do X!" and then I spend three hours learning what X is only to discover it's the best thing since sliced bread--usually complex, but still excellent advice.

Both types of responses are valuable (to me, anyway).

But, that's why I haven't posted any questions lately--because I've figured them out right before I formally ask the question.

So, I encourage you folks to post your questions here and work through them on this forum. WORK THROUGH THEM! Sometimes, just getting your thoughts down in words helps you understand what it is YOU want to do. That will hepp US understand what you want to do, and ultimately, hepp us hepp you!

And, sometimes, putting your thoughts down will hepp you solve your own problem--without intervention. That is the best way of learning!

Just my two cents!

Thanks, Bytes!
4 Weeks Ago #1
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Expert Mod 10K+
P: 12,401
Well said.

It definitely takes time and effort to get there. In my opinion, breadth of knowledge is the most important thing. As the quote goes, "You don't know what you don't know."

Knowing a little about a lot of topics helps me to spot the possible problems and solutions. Google will get me the depth I need, what it won't tell me is that topic abc contains the possible solution for problem xyz.

I often go down rabbit holes (pun not intended) of topics that have nothing to do with my work at hand. And while it may not relate now, it might prove useful in future problems.

As an example, I started reading about different sorting algorithms as a curiosity. I implemented some of the ones I read about as a challenge to myself. I read about the different strengths and weaknesses of the different algorithms. I read about how their speed is calculated.

Did I need to know all this stuff about sorting for my work? Not really, sorting isn't a topic that's out of left field as it relates to databases. But databases already implement whichever algorithm is fastest for its needs, I didn't necessarily need to know exactly how it might do its sorting operation.

But one day, we needed to find duplicate rows between 2 massive tables, 250 million records each. And the higher-ups wanted to know how long it would take. And there I was, Johnny on the spot. I knew that in SQL, joins are usually implemented by first sorting the data (this piece of knowledge comes from reading about the query planner). I knew that 5 million rows on a similar table took about a minute (this piece comes from past experience). And now I also knew that the best sorting algorithms typically take n * log2(n) time.
4 Weeks Ago #2

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,662
When I started here I had very little need for Forms in my databases because it was all data, data, data.

However, due to various members wanting to know about how to do this that and the other, I found myself looking into it for them. It happened so much that I became an expert in Events and Form usage generally. This was lucky for me because I found myself out of a job and I was able to sell my skills as an all-round Access expert in the open market and I haven't looked back since. All based on the effort - little enough on each individual occasion - that I put in to solve problems posted on here.

I call that a win ;-)
3 Weeks Ago #3

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