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Required Month & Date is not printing

P: 71
Hello Friends
This is continuation of my last post.
I am selecting dates from a FORM to print my required data. It is displaying on Screen..... but when I print the report Report , it gives me error.... #Name?
What is this.... I do not understand... selection is OK... required data is OK.... but selected dates are not printing on report. Plz see attached picture for more clarification.

Any solution plz..

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1 Week Ago #1
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Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,470
Hi Irsmalik.

Can you confirm that the pictures are both of the same Report object in your database?
What is its name?
Report objects can have various types of View. Can you identify precisely which view matches each picture and say how you converted it into each View. I imagine the second is after it's been printed so for that explain how you printed it and how you got the picture of the printed version. I imagine it was printed to the screen somehow as a scan of a physical piece of paper is usually more wonky than that.

Lastly, please show the design of the Control or Controls where the date is supposed to show, and does show perfectly well in the first picture. Include relevant Properties so we can see how you've designed it & what choices you've made.

With that information we may be able to help. I can say that it's unexpected behaviour generally, but I can only go that far without some real information to work with.
1 Week Ago #2

P: 71
Dear Mr NeoPa

All process consists of
Form frmOne2
Report SumryGLT4
Report Source Query6, Query61a Query6b WithTerritoryGLT

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. SELECT DM.Class, DM.ClassName, DM.Size, DM.SizeName, Format([TDate],"yyyy") AS Period1, Sum(DM.FAS) AS SumOfFAS, Sum(DM.BG) AS SumOfBG, Sum(DM.Demo) AS SumOfDemo, Sum(DM.DTP) AS SumOfDTP, Sum(DM.FM) AS SumOfFM, Sum(DM.HPM) AS SumOfHPM, DM.Division
  2. FROM DM
  3. GROUP BY DM.Class, DM.ClassName, DM.Size, DM.SizeName, Format([TDate],"yyyy"), DM.Division, Format([TDate],"yyyy")
  4. HAVING (((DM.Class)=2))
  5. ORDER BY DM.SizeName;
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. SELECT DM.Class, DM.ClassName, DM.Size, DM.SizeName, DM.TDate, Sum(DM.BG) AS SumOfBG, Sum(DM.Demo) AS SumOfDemo, Sum(DM.DTP) AS SumOfDTP, Sum(DM.FAS) AS SumOfFAS, Sum(DM.FM) AS SumOfFM, Sum(DM.HPM) AS SumOfHPM, DM.Division
  2. FROM DM
  3. GROUP BY DM.Class, DM.ClassName, DM.Size, DM.SizeName, DM.TDate, DM.Division
  4. HAVING (((DM.Class)=2) And ((DM.TDate)>=forms!frmOne2!txtStartDate And (DM.TDate)<=forms!frmOne2!txtEndDate))
  5. ORDER BY DM.ClassName, DM.TDate;
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. SELECT Query6a1.Class, Query6a1.ClassName, Query6a1.Size, Query6a1.SizeName, Sum(Query6a1.SumOfFAS) AS SumOfSumOfFAS, Sum(Query6a1.SumOfFM) AS SumOfSumOfFM, Sum(Query6a1.SumOfDemo) AS SumOfSumOfDemo, Sum(Query6a1.SumOfHPM) AS SumOfSumOfHPM, Sum(Query6a1.SumOfBG) AS SumOfSumOfBG, Sum(Query6a1.SumOfDTP) AS SumOfSumOfDTP, Query6a1.Division
  2. FROM Query6a1
  3. GROUP BY Query6a1.Class, Query6a1.ClassName, Query6a1.Size, Query6a1.SizeName, Query6a1.Division;
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. SELECT Query6.ClassName AS CompanyName, Query6.Division, Query6.SizeName AS RegionName, Region.Territories, [Territories]*932 AS FASTarget, Query6.SumOfFAS AS A1, Round([A1]/[FASTarget]*100,2) AS [FAS%], Round([FASTarget]/12,2) AS FASMonth, Query6b.SumOfSumOfFAS AS A2, Round([A2]/[FASMonth]*100,2) AS [FASM%], [Territories]*104 AS FMTarget, Query6.SumOfFM AS B1, Round([B1]/[FMTarget]*100,2) AS [FM%], Round([FMTarget]/12,2) AS FMMonth, Query6b.SumOfSumOfFM AS B2, Round([B2]/[FMMonth]*100,2) AS [FMM%], [Territories]*75 AS DemoTarget, Query6.SumOfDemo AS C1, Round([C1]/[DEMOTarget]*100,2) AS [DEMO%], Round([DemoTarget]/12,2) AS DemoMonth, Query6b.SumOfSumOfDemo AS C2, Round([C2]/[DemoMonth]*100,2) AS [DemoM%], [Territories]*3 AS HPMTarget, Query6.SumOfHPM AS D1, Round([D1]/[HPMTarget]*100,2) AS [HMP%], Round([HPMTarget]/12,2) AS HPMMonth, Query6b.SumOfSumOfHPM AS D2, Round([D2]/[HPMMonth]*100,2) AS [HPM%], [Territories]*3 AS BGTarget, Query6.SumOfBG AS E1, Round([E1]/[BGTarget]*100,2) AS [BG%], Round([BGTarget]/12,2) AS BGMonth, Query6b.SumOfSumOfBG AS E2, Round([E2]/[BGMonth]*100,2) AS [BGM%], [Territories]*3 AS DTPTarget, Query6.SumOfDTP AS F1, Round([F1]/[DTPTarget]*100,2) AS [DTP%], Round([DTPTarget]/12,2) AS DTPMonth, Query6b.SumOfSumOfDTP AS F2, Round([F2]/[DTPMonth]*100,2) AS [DTPM%]
  2. FROM (Query6 INNER JOIN Query6b ON (Query6.Class = Query6b.Class) AND (Query6.ClassName = Query6b.ClassName) AND (Query6.Size = Query6b.Size) AND (Query6.SizeName = Query6b.SizeName)) INNER JOIN Region ON (Query6b.SizeName = Region.RegionName) AND (Query6b.Size = Region.RegionID)
  3. ORDER BY Query6.Division, Query6.SizeName;
This report consist of 2 parts..... Part 1 for complete year and Part 2 is for last 30 days.... I enter dates for last 30 days via a FORM..... & this dates are printed on Report... so far this is being displayed on Screen but not on Paper...

Request for all friends for help.
Attached Files
File Type: pdf ReportQuery.pdf (133.7 KB, 7 views)
1 Week Ago #3

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,470
Let's try that again. I suggest you read my earlier post again and post a response that answers the questions there.

If you post information I haven't asked for then there's a good chance it isn't helpful. Failing to respond to the questions and requests I do include is clearly unhelpful.

I see nothing remotely helpful in your last post. It's like you haven't read what I posted at all. That isn't why I spend time writing what I write - to be ignored.

The pictures are often useful, but PDF format is not. JPEGs can be shown in the thread. Try to keep to those in future. You should learn how to add them to your own posts but I will fix them for you when I need to.

If there's anything you can't understand in what I write then please, please say so. I will do what I can to be clear but I won't change it if I never know you are having difficulty understanding.

Now. Back to my earlier post. Read it again and prepare a post that is a response to what's in there and thus allows me to help you further if I am able to.
1 Week Ago #4

P: 71
Dear Neopa....
You are right.... I could not understand for your last post. Even now what ever you have typed... I could not understand.. I tried to simplify my question... but I am failed.

1 Week Ago #5

P: 71
Dear NeoPa

I suggest, just to save our time by typing long sentences, you please check attached database and try to print it. This is easy for Me to describe my problem....

Please note that on Screen, data for selected Dates appear, but on printer it is not showing and give error message of #Names.

1 Week Ago #6

P: 71
This is attachment of database.
Attached Files
File Type: zip (170.6 KB, 1 views)
1 Week Ago #7

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,470
I can see that you try to follow the guidelines where possible so you deserve a response.

There are very good reasons we insist on doing things the way we do. I understand if you can't manage that but I hope you realise that to ask someone to look into your project for you on their own time is not reasonable or acceptable.

To the best of our ability and availability we answer technical questions from our experience and knowledge. We work with others who have similar interests in order to help them to progress. That is not the same as doing work for them. Diagnosing a problem in somebody else's project usually reuires a large investment in time and effort. We do not allow members even to ask for that. As the site administrator I have a particular responsibility to ensure rules are followed.

Now, as I say, I understand you struggle with English and that's fine. We will make some allowances for that. Congratulations in doing so well even. Nevertheless you need to understand that we have rules and they're there for good reasons.
6 Days Ago #8

Expert Mod 2.5K+
P: 3,278

On your Reports you show us in your first post of this thread, please answer the following questions:

1) What is the Name of the controls on the report that should display those dates?

2) What is the Control Source for those controls?

This will help us troubleshoot the source of that error. It is good news that the data is correct, now we must determine what is causing this "#Name?" error (but I have some pretty good ideas).

5 Days Ago #9

P: 71
Dear NeoPa

I was closing the the Form after selecting my required Dates..That's why my required Data was showing on Screen but it was giving Error on Paper Prints....

Some one has notified my Error & I have corrected it... Now I do not close my form and it is still open till my report prints.... so the Dates are now being printed on paper...

Thanks for your concern.

5 Days Ago #10

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,470

Please check your Private Messages. In case you didn't see the email notifying you that I deleted your earlier post I have removed it as abusive language is not allowed in the forums.

Luckily (or not maybe), it's perfectly acceptable in Private Messages - certainly as far as those to me are concerned. I'm happy to deal with whatever you can throw at me.

Thank you for posting the solution to your problem. It's probably as obvious to you now that you know the solution, as it always was to everyone else, that trying to help you from the information you posted, or even digging through your database, would have been a complete waste of everyone's time. Only from the information you didn't post, and the questions you couldn't be bothered to answer, could we have helped you to find the solution - and possibly given further advice as to how to avoid getting into such difficulties in the first place with design tips that work well.

If designed in a better way that situation would never have caused you a problem. Where possible, we like to help more than simply finding a simple solution, but also to advise in areas that should save you lots of time and effort later on.

All that said, I'm pleased for you that you've got past this particular hurdle.
3 Days Ago #11

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