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list box to table

P: 3
i have a problem, i need copy the data inside of a listbox to a table,the list box give 5 columns and 100 rows,my advance was a textbox how show the data of the listbox but only show the first column any idea?

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  1. Option Compare Database
  3. Private Sub Busca_AfterUpdate()
  4. Select Case Me.Busqueda
  6. 'optstd
  7.     Case Is = "2"
  8.     Select Case Me.Lista1
  9.     Case Is = "StyleID"
  10.     Me.Lista0.RowSource = "SELECT optstd.StyleID, optstd.Category, optstd.CategoryHeader, optstd.UserFriendlyName, optstd.FeatureType, optstd.State1, optstd.State2 FROM optstd where [optstd].[StyleID]like '*" & Busca.Text & "*' ORDER BY [StyleID] ASC;"
  11.     Case Is = "Category"
  12.     Me.Lista0.RowSource = "SELECT optstd.StyleID, optstd.Category, optstd.CategoryHeader, optstd.UserFriendlyName, optstd.FeatureType, optstd.State1, optstd.State2 FROM optstd WHERE [optstd].[Category] like '*" & Busca.Text & "*' ORDER BY [optstd].[Category] ASC;"
  13.     Case Is = "CategoryHeader"
  14.     Me.Lista0.RowSource = "SELECT optstd.StyleID, optstd.Category, optstd.CategoryHeader, optstd.UserFriendlyName, optstd.FeatureType, optstd.State1, optstd.State2 FROM optstd WHERE [optstd].[CategoryHeader] like '*" & Busca.Text & "*' ORDER BY [optstd].[CategoryHeader] ASC;"
  15.     Case Is = "UserFriendlyName"
  16.     Me.Lista0.RowSource = "SELECT optstd.StyleID, optstd.Category, optstd.CategoryHeader, optstd.UserFriendlyName, optstd.FeatureType, optstd.State1, optstd.State2 FROM optstd WHERE [optstd].[UserFriendlyName] like '*" & Busca.Text & "*' ORDER BY [optstd].[UserFriendlyName] ASC;"
  17.     Case Is = "FeatureType"
  18.     Me.Lista0.RowSource = "SELECT optstd.StyleID, optstd.Category, optstd.CategoryHeader, optstd.UserFriendlyName, optstd.FeatureType, optstd.State1, optstd.State2 FROM optstd WHERE [optstd].[FeatureType] like '*" & Busca.Text & "*' ORDER BY [optstd].[FeatureType] ASC;"
  19.     Case Is = "State1"
  20.     Me.Lista0.RowSource = "SELECT optstd.StyleID, optstd.Category, optstd.CategoryHeader, optstd.UserFriendlyName, optstd.FeatureType, optstd.State1, optstd.State2 FROM optstd WHERE [optstd].[State1] like '*" & Busca.Text & "*' ORDER BY [optstd].[State1] ASC;"
  21.     Case Is = "State2"
  22.     Me.Lista0.RowSource = "SELECT optstd.StyleID, optstd.Category, optstd.CategoryHeader, optstd.UserFriendlyName, optstd.FeatureType, optstd.State1, optstd.State2 FROM optstd WHERE [optstd].[State2] like '*" & Busca.Text & "*' ORDER BY [optstd].[State2] ASC;"
  24.         End Select
  25.     End Select
  27.     'Indica el Nș de registros
  28.     If Me.Lista0.ListCount = 0 Then
  29.     Me.Texto41 = "0"
  30.     Else
  31.     Me.Texto41 = Me.Lista0.ListCount - 1
  32.     End If
  33.     End Sub
  35. Private Sub Comando18_Click()
  37. Dim item As Variant
  38. Dim strTemp As String
  40. strTemp = ""
  41. For Each item In Me.Lista0.ItemsSelected
  42. Debug.Print Me.Lista0.ItemData(item)
  43. strTemp = strTemp & Me.Lista0.ItemData(item) & ","
  44. Debug.Print strTemp
  45. Next
  46. 'Debug.Print strTemp
  47. Me.Texto19 = strTemp
  48. End Sub

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May 17 '19 #1
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7 Replies

Expert Mod 5K+
P: 5,397
I've read your question five or six times now and I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to accomplish.

Looking at your code it appears that you already have the data in your database - you're using that information as the row source?

You also don't indicate if you want all of the information in the listbox or just selected rows.

In a normalized database:
home > topics > microsoft access / vba > insights > database normalization and table structures
you do not usually want to duplicate that information between tables. Perhaps you could give us a very brief explanation about your project and why you want to copy the information out of a listbox into a table - having this information will help us to help you.
May 17 '19 #2

P: 3
I need transport all the information inside of the boxlist to a exel document like a external report
May 17 '19 #3

Expert Mod 5K+
P: 5,397
+ That's a little different than your first post.

+ "Excel Document Like" could mean anything from an actual Excel workbook to a tab or comma delimited file.

+ Given that you want everything in the control, the easiest way I see to do this is to actually pull the SQL or the string array from your control and then push it to the desired location. This way you do not need to actually step thru the control's columns property.

+ How knowledgeable of vba are you?
Writing the CSV text file is very easy from the SQL; however, Excel opens the file directly and in a usable state for a worksheet.
Excel would take a bit more effort to accomplish and would require a bit of application automation.
May 17 '19 #4

P: 3
My knowlege is basic in vba,I would settle for traslate all the columns of the listbox to a textbox, for use a ctrl+v and copy and paste in a exel
May 20 '19 #5

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,489
There is no way to Copy from ListBox or ComboBox Control. However, depending on how that data is populated it may well be possible to transfer the required data across to Excel.

It seems, from the code you've included, that you've populated your Control using a SQL recordset. This should make it easier.

Excel has a CopyFromRecordset Method of the Range class.

At this point we've probably reached the limit of what we can do with the information you've posted. Your first post obviously illustrates some effort, but the later posts seem to indicate minimum involvement.

If you can pick it up from here then we can help you. If you're waiting for it all to be done for you then we couldn't if we wanted to at this stage. Too little information. Let's see where we go from here.
May 20 '19 #6

Expert Mod 5K+
P: 5,397
Excel has a CopyFromRecordset Method of the Range class.
I was thinking this would be the way to go if OP was after a native excel and is one I've used quite frequently. :)
May 20 '19 #7

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,489
It's largely guesswork as we have little to go on. We'll see what happens next.
May 20 '19 #8

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