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Why is Access Counting?

P: 2
Sometimes, when opening another form from my main form (via a button), the program will start counting records before opening the form. The count takes 5 or 10 seconds, goes to a count of around 300, and occurs intermittently. Does anyone have any experience with what is happening here?

Edit: Okay, this problem was described better by dgunner71 some time ago (See "Calculating..." showing in info bar at {almost} all times). There were 20 replies but no solution.... Tns71
I have a MS database running in 2010 on a server that is running MS Server 2008r2.

When I open my database on this server, the info bar at the bottom of the screen just shows "Calculating..." at almost all times (when tables are open, forms or queries). The only times it does not show is 1.) when you put a form or report in design mode or 2.) when I first log in, I have a custom log in screen. This screen shows just fine (i.e. my field descriptions show up appropriately).

As soon as I log in, I'm getting the "Calculating...".

I've tried bypassing the log in screen by pressing shift and I still get the "Calculating...".

I've opened this exact same database on 2 another computers (1 - MS Access 2010 on Windows 7 and the second MS Access 2007 on Windows 7) - these appear to work just fine???

I did see a 2009 post on this but I did not see a solution.
Apr 18 '19 #1
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Do you have a screen shot of this that you could post so we can see what you are talking about?
Apr 18 '19 #2

Expert Mod 15k+
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I would just make the point, since your question does refer to a main form, that this is clearly related to your project rather than Access per se.

If it were related to Access you'd be describing what happens when you open Access on its own.

That said, you tell us nothing about your actual project so we don't really have much hope of helping you further at this stage.
Apr 18 '19 #3

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Also when using Google (search for 'access calculating')

if found this page:

The link above also has a general description of the problem 'calculating' occurring, but it also has additional info (the poster did upgrade from 2003 to a newer version...)

And, of course, no mention if the solution was found for this problem 😒
4 Weeks Ago #4

Expert Mod 15k+
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I'm not sure that's overly helpful Luuk, but congratulations first and foremost on >1,000 posts :-)

All our members are advised to research their problems first before posting a properly-worded question here. As the question is quite poorly expressed I suppose it's not unreasonable to assume they also missed out the first and most important part before they even posted. Nevertheless we do try to discourage the type of post that simply suggests they look elsewhere for a similar question.

NB. It's perfectly valid to link to forums run by or owned by Microsoft as Access is a Microsoft product.

It looks like TNS has now updated their question so we'll have another look and see if there's enough there to work from.
4 Weeks Ago #5

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,308
Let's take a step back here. Certainly a link to the other thread gives us something to go on, but, and it's a big but (No anatomy jokes here please ;-) ), there is still nothing from you to confirm that this is database related (as opposed to Access related). There's still nothing about your actual database.

More importantly, considering your introduction into the equation of DGunner's thread, nor is there any acknowledgement that a solution was suggested late on in that thread and what results you saw when you tried out that solution.
4 Weeks Ago #6

P: 2
The hot fix solution was for Access 2010. My dB runs under Access 2007, so the hot fix is not relevant and may not have actually fixed the issue, except coincidentally. In terms of describing the project, I donít think thatís going to be particularly helpful. This is an access project which is operating on over 150 workstations/servers and the calculating issue is occurring on only two sites, both of which are on the same server. I do not have access to the hardware that this is occurring on. I was just hoping someone had a quick answer. Itís obvious that this has happened to other coders. Itís unfortunate that there doesnít seem to be a solution out there.
4 Weeks Ago #7

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,308
It seems more unfortunate that there's no real question out there. It takes you till now to explain you're running on 2007? To explain that it's only going wrong on two of the hundreds of PCs it's running on? You wonder why we struggle to be more helpful when you have to be prompted repeatedly just to get the basic facts of the situation into the thread.

No. There is no quick answer I'm aware of. We have been willing to attempt to help but it seems you've now decided, after only now sharing some of the most important information related to the question, that you know better and that it's nothing to do with your project.

That wouldn't be my conclusion but that's actually fine. You make your decisions and that's your responsibility. Good luck.
4 Weeks Ago #8

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