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Search as you type in split form

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Hey I am new to this forum. I want to set up combo box on a split form to filter the record in the Datasheet. I want to filter either by selecting the value or type which will filter the record as you type (partial match). Can someone tell me how I can achieve this.? I donít know abcd about vba programming. Thanks in advance .
Feb 9 '19 #1
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Welcome to Bytes. Let's see if we can help you.

Firstly, the Combo box is a search as you type control, but remember it is finding letters from the left, not letters in the middle of a word.
Secondly the text in the Combo box must already exist.

My approach is somewhat different, in that it gets a partial match anywhere in a field.

This is an image of a form to search in the titles of pieces of music where I am trying to find the word "Spring". Personally I never use data sheets and use continuous forms instead.

Initially there are over 1300 disks when no filtering is applied. If I type "s" into the search box, the filter reduces this to about 900 disks ("s" is a very frequently used letter, so many of the titles will contain the letter "s".

The first image shows what happens after tying "sp" into the search box.

Now down to 30 disks

The second image is after adding an "r" to the search box ("spr")

As you see, we still haven't reduced the search to only "sping" as there are a couple of German tunes that have "spr" in their titles.

If this is the sort of thing you are after, please come back

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Feb 9 '19 #2

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Thanks for caring to help me. Yes that is what I essentially want to achieve but on a split form using combo box. But itís is fine if the same functionality can be achieved on a continuous form using search text box. Currently I use text keyword search on a continuous form by using Update Event code or a macro in which case I have hit search button or enter key. I want to filter the form as I type any letter in the search box (as you have shown)without having to hit the enter key.
Feb 9 '19 #3

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So use a standard query as the RecordSource of the form with no criteria in the query.

Basically on my form, I can limit the Media to Disc, Vinyl, Tape or all media types. That is why, on the code below, the variable "Fltr" may have a value in it before we start entering letters into the Text Box (TxtFilter).

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Option Compare Database
  2. Option Explicit
  4. Sub FilterForm()
  6. 'MediaTypeID = 1 AND (Title Like '*roy*' OR Title Like '*kin*')
  8.     Dim Fltr As String
  10.     If SelectMediaType > 0 Then           ' Media Type not all
  11.         Fltr = "MediaTypeID = " & SelectMediaType
  12.     End If
  14.     ' If we return no records, temporarily remove the filter
  15.     If Me.RecordsetClone.RecordCount = 0 Then
  16.         Me.FilterOn = False
  17.     End If
  19.     TxtFilter.SetFocus
  21.     If Left(TxtFilter.Text, 1) = "~" Then  ' Don't allow 
  22.                                       ' a tilde as first letter
  23.         TxtFilter.Text = ""
  24.     End If
  26.     If Fltr > "" Then                               ' Media Type selected
  27.         Fltr = Fltr & " AND "
  28.     End If
  29.     Fltr = Fltr & "(Title Like '*" & Replace(Me.TxtFilter.Text, "'", "''") & "*'"
  30.     Fltr = Replace(Fltr, "~", "*' OR Title Like '*")
  31.     Fltr = Fltr & ")"
  32.     Me.Form.Filter = Fltr
  33.     Me.FilterOn = True
  36.     Me.TxtFilter.SetFocus
  38.     ' Move the cursor to the end of the input text box.
  39.     If Me.RecordsetClone.RecordCount = 0 Then
  40.         Exit Sub
  41.     End If
  43.     Me.TxtFilter.SelStart = Len(Me.TxtFilter.Text)
  45. End Sub
  47. Private Sub SelectMediaType_AfterUpdate()
  49.     FilterForm
  51. End Sub
  53. Private Sub TxtFilter_Change()
  55.     FilterForm
  57. End Sub
This sub routine is called when the TxtFilter is changed or on the AfterUpdate of the Media Type.

If you type a tilde (~) in the search box, you can search for more than 1 word, so typing "spr~fest" in the serch box will bring up the music with both "Spring" and "Festival" on the continuous form.

Feb 9 '19 #4

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How about if I use only text search box without the combo box e.g media type in your case. Sorry I canít understand code much but it be helpful if you tell me which part of the code should I attach to Chang event. I want to use table tblPerson as the record source. It has field Name, CID No, and so on which I want to filter.
Feb 9 '19 #5

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Yes the Combo box is not necessary.

So I gather you are looking to filter a form for a particular person. That should be no problem.

Can you post an image of your relationship page, making sure that all the field names are visible, and I will have another look

Feb 9 '19 #6

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Thnaks for trying to help me.I just figured out the code to filter using the combo box in a split form. Itís working out the way I wanted. I will come back with another problem next time. Thanks Phil once again.
Feb 9 '19 #7

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Good, glad you've dot it sorted

Feb 9 '19 #8

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