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Creating a form to pull information from a table then add to a diff table

Im trying to build a form that will pull numbers from a table and when the other information in the form is complete by the user and the form is saved it will write the pulled information from table 1 it will write information to table 2 without the person having to enter the numbers pulled from table 1 in a different box so it can write to table 2. Any Help Is Appreciated!!
Jan 20 '19 #1
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Really very little idea what it is you're trying to describe here. It makes so little sense.

One thing I would say though is it sounds like you need a Form bound to a (updatable) Query linking both Tables together.
Jan 20 '19 #2
Sorry for being so vague. I知 trying to make a form to where it will pull numbers from table 1 and when the customer enter there name and some other information in the form when they click save I need it to add that information along with the number that was pulled from the table to save to table B I could have another box that gave them a number and they re-enter that number but I have a fear is them messing it up
Jan 20 '19 #3
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How did the idea in paragrapgh #3 strike you?
Jan 20 '19 #4
Im currently trying to figure that out. Im new to all of this so it might take a few tries...

incase you wondering this is what it looks like and im trying to keep them from having to re enter the number so like the numbers show up and auto write to the table because i fear of someone messing them up.
Jan 20 '19 #5
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I agree with Neopa's first posting. I have no idea what you are trying to achieve.

So forget everything about forms and numbers, and tell us what your Db is for. Information on what data you want to enter, and what information you want to get out and what information you want to save.

Jan 21 '19 #6
So we own a racetrack and when drivers come to draw they click a button to get their heat and feature start number(where they start in the race) so when they click the draw button it open a form and it will show them their heat and feature start numbers then they enter their name,class,and car number and hit save but it was not saving their heat and feature numbers unless they enter them into another box that will then only save them to the correct table but I知 afraid we will have drivers enter the wrong number to try and start in front of everyone else in the race. So I知 trying to make the box that pulls the numbers from table 1 when they open the form to save the numbers to table 2 when they close and save the form
Jan 21 '19 #7
1,430 Expert 1GB
Good, that clarifies things a bit!

So several questions come to mind.
1) Do the same drivers appear numerous times in a season. If so, would it be sensible to save their details?

2) How are the heat and feature start numbers generated?

3) Can you show me the layout of your table(s) and relationships?

Jan 21 '19 #8
The drivers have complained when we have tried other systems that save their information so we have decided not to do that.

We entered the heat and feature numbers into a table at random and have a form pulling the numbers from that table

We just have a form pulling the heat and feature numbers from a table and then the driver information gets entered into another table through the form.
Jan 21 '19 #9
1,430 Expert 1GB
So, in actual fact, is any data being saved, or is this a one off event, and after the race, ALL data is lost?

It would seem to me to be simpler for the driver to enter their details, then use some sort of random number generator to allocate the heat and feature numbers.

If this sounds sensible, how currently are you entering those numbers into your table. What restraints are there on those numbers (Like maximum number if entries per race)?

Jan 21 '19 #10
we are saving the data in the table that the form gets the numbers from but it writes to a different table so we just clear the table that has the entries in it.

We have the form now to where when it is opened it will pull the numbers from a table so it痴 not really random it just pulls from the table but I知 just need it to pull from table A and write to table B without the drivers having to enter their heat and feature numbers into a different box.

The only restriction is that after 300 cars come through the numbers no longer show up in the form but we never reach 300 cars.
Jan 21 '19 #11
Here is what the form looks like I知 really just trying to remove the empty boxes so that what is pulled from table 1 will show up on the form then be added to table 2 when the form is saved

Jan 21 '19 #12
1,430 Expert 1GB
In order to get help, you must answer the questions.

Questions 2 and 3 on post no 8 have not been answered. Nor has the third paragraph of posting 10 been answered.

The form that you have illustrated has no meaningful information on it, just numbers. Where do Customers and Transactions come in to a Db dealing with race entries and start positions? Where are the Entry's names, class, and car number entered?

I don't think you have put much effort into this project and certainly don't seem to know what output you want.

My guess is that you should have a form in which the Entry's name, class, and car number are entered, then a command button that when pressed, shows the heat and feature numbers. I then presume that this is the information that gets saved.

Jan 22 '19 #13
3,653 Expert Mod 2GB
Also, please don't use links to external sites for images. Many of our users are unable to see them when this site is accessed from work computers. Please upload the picture directly, using the advanced button when you reply.

Jan 22 '19 #14
Sorry Phil I知 going this from a phone and uploaded the wrong image link. Twinnyfo when i tried uploading a image it was not working but I will try again.
Jan 22 '19 #15

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