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How to remove quick access toolbar from access application

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I have developed a simple application program using access 2016. I have succeeded in customizing the tabs and ribbon. I now want to get rid of the quick access toolbar so that no body can access the access option to change any thing from my database.
A codeline
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  1. DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarNo
removes the QAT as well as the ribbon. But I want to retain the ribbon but only QAT to be removed. Please help me, how can I do it?
Jun 26 '16 #1
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In your Ribbon XML include the line:
<ribbon startFromScratch="True">
Insert this as the first line after the namespace
<customUI xmlns=....

>> NOTE:
1) This will hide all of the Ribbon interface so make sure your users have everything they need.

2) Any knowledgeable user can bypass this.

Jun 26 '16 #2
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Thank you for the suggestion. I am sorry I could not reply your post earlier due to some domestic problems. As you have mentioned that any knowledgeable user can bypass this. Please, how to bypass this?
Is there no option to show the custom ribbon? please

The actual need is to restrict the access of the user to the access options so that he may not alter the settings to show the navigation pane etc.
Jul 13 '16 #3
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I don't typically discuss how to bypass even this minimal security, just not good form.

Make a copy of your database

Using the copy:

Open the VBA editor, <alt><F11>

In the project explorer, at the top of the tree, right-click.
In the shortcut menu there will be an option with your database name and "properties" - select
In the dialog that opens [Protection] Tab
Select [Lock project for viewing]
Set the password
>>> Share it with another person or two, send it in an email to someone. Just DO NOT LOSE the password and make sure that it will be available to the people that follow you in case you ever leave and they need to maintain the code. The password can be cracked; however, it's a real pain to do.

Still in the VBA editor

Make sure you have fixed any and all errors this turns up.
Repeat until the Compile completes without error.

Close the editor

Ribbon>Database Tools>Tools>Compact and Repair

When things settle down.
Close the database and re-open

Ribbon>File>Options>Current Database> ::

::>Application Options> uncheck [Use Access Special Keys]

::>Navigation> uncheck [Display Navigation Pane]

::>Ribbon and Toolbar Options
[Ribbon Name] set this to your custom ribbon that you want available on open.
uncheck [Allow Full Menus]
uncheck [Allow Default Shortcut Menus]

Make sure your code and forms run correctly.
Male sure that your ribbons show up and function correctly.

These settings along with <ribbon startFromScratch="True"> in the custom ribbon will make it a nuisance for the average user to meddle with things.

You can then make the ACCDE (executable version) from this version of the database. This then makes it very difficult to meddle with things, even for an experienced user such as myself.

If you have not done so, splitting the database to front and back ends is a good idea for this environment. I will often encrypt the back-end and then link the tables. I'm not too worried about the password being stored in the links to the encrypted back end for my applications and the users I have are not typically interested in prying thru the front-end to find the password.
Jul 13 '16 #4
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Is there no way to keep my custom ribbon and hide/disable the QAT button at the same time in ms access application?
Jul 27 '16 #5
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the start from scratch option removes all of the built-in ribbons, including the QAT.
Jul 27 '16 #6
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i don't think it does, the QAT is still there, you can't add buttons to it but the line for it is there with just 1 button LINK OBJECTS
i'm trying to get this space back while keeping the custom ribbons
heres a link to the screenshot, cant figure out how to add an image

Aug 3 '22 #7
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Until a couple of years ago, the ribbon and QAT were completely inseparable. You either had both or neither.
However, if you have Access365, this has now changed and you can now have ribbon or QAT if you wish.

Screenshot to follow shortly

BTW Your screenshot shows the QAT after it has been disabled. You can re-enable the QAT and remove that item if you wish.
See my article: Securing your database - a tutorial
Aug 3 '22 #8
4 Nibble
Fellow dog lover :) gorgeous one in your screenshot. I have 2 shepherds, I can't make out what yours is

Very useful article, I learned a bunch. Will try the qat part.
I do have the qat disabled but I'm not sure why. This happens once I load custom ribbons. Any idea what's locking it?

From your article, few comments on locking the db, I haven't found any reliable way that I wasn't able to bypass. I think the only one is the encryption with no strings. Everything else - i was able to find a way to get to the tables from another db
To me it hasn't been an issue, I haven't had a project where I was asked to lock it down completely, so I haven't messed with it much.
Also, didn't know about deep hidden tables.
Thank you very much
Aug 4 '22 #9
455 Expert Mod 256MB
1. This was the Access365 ribbon options screenshot I mentioned before:

2. No Access database can ever be completely secure from a determined and skilled hacker with time on their hands.
The article I mentioned is outlining ways of improving security and is sufficient for almost all circumstances.
Agree totally that if you know how, almost any security can be bypassed.
In general, if your data is that sensitive, it shouldn't be stored in Access.

However the encrypted split no strings approach is about as secure as any Access app can ever be.
You can easily test it for yourself by trying to crack the example app provided.
So far, nobody has mentioned to crack it using VBA

3. Section 5 c) of that article explains what causes the QAT to be locked. I've even highlighted it in RED
Aug 4 '22 #10
4 Nibble
Hey. You mean the<qat> and </qat>?
I saw those lines, but I don't have them in my ribbon code, yet, the qat toolbar is locked once a custom ribbon is loaded

And on your screenshot, where is that menu? I dont have it
Aug 4 '22 #11
455 Expert Mod 256MB
The screenshot is the dropdown at the right side of the ribbon in Access 365.
That section of my article was written a couple of years ago - before it was possible to treat the QAT and ribbon independently.
At some point I'll review that section of the page again in the light of recent ribbon changes
Aug 4 '22 #12
4 Nibble
I will check my version, thought I had 365
But in my version, that menu isn't available. Also, once a custom ribbon is loaded for a form, qat bar is locked for editing IN THAT FORM
Aug 4 '22 #13

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