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Query Not Working As It Should

P: 2
Hi All,
Sorry to post another 'how to run a query' question but i have trawled the web and can not get my query to work.
If you can offer any help that would be great.
To make it easier for you to see where i have gone wrong i have attached my database, [ATTACH]AlphaOmegaHelp,[/ATTACH]for you to look at. (I would prefer it if you told me what to change rather than just uploading a fixed one so i can understand what i did wrong.)
Thank you in advance.

The Problem:
(The database should automatically open up onto the 'Main' form.)
I want to be able to click on the search tab and instead of the parameter boxes popping up i want to be able to type what i want to search into the form and click run query. I have tried to put into the query build/reference box the name of the text box i want it to search from but no luck.
I then want the results displayed into the table below the search boxes.

Thats part 1 which i need to get done.

Part 2 would be nice but not necessary if i cant get it to work.
I would like to be able to click on a record in the table on the 'All Garments' tab or in the 'Search' tab (when the query works)and then click on the 'Edit' tab and have the details from the record populate the form so i can change the box / qty etc of that item.(Or make the item name in the table a hyperlink to edit that record in the form view if that is easier???)

Any help would be great. The query working is the main thing thou. The query did work at one point but somehow I broke it trying to put it all together so if you can tell me what i did wrong that would make my day.

Thank You
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Mar 3 '15 #1

✓ answered by relicx2004

Just a quick response, your parameters are not correct.
It should be "[Forms]![Searchcriteria]![Textitem]" not "item",etc. As per the second question create a action query(insert query) when you click the Edit tab to populate the table that is connected to the EditGarments form.

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4 Replies

Expert Mod 2.5K+
P: 3,482

First, typically, we do not encourage posters to send their databases. Primarily, because many of us cannot open zip files or databases at work (where most of us actually work), but also out of security. We much rather prefer that you post the code/query that is causing the problem, so all can see the problem and all can benefit from working toward a solution.

That said, please post the code on your form and the query in question. It is also helpful to us if we know a little about he structure of your tables (Primary and foreign keys are essential--then any additional fields and field types that are pertinent to the discussion).

Finally, just because we can be a bit picky on this forum.... This post is really more of two specific questions, so, technically speaking, should be two separate threads. We request this, as others searching this site may have a specific question that specifically applies to one or the other of your questions. This allows them to properly search for assistance on their own projects.

Please, don't think that I am being dismissive to your question/problem. I would love to assist you on this issue, but request your assistance in posting a more descriptive question(s).

Thanks for your help!
Mar 3 '15 #2

P: 9
Just a quick response, your parameters are not correct.
It should be "[Forms]![Searchcriteria]![Textitem]" not "item",etc. As per the second question create a action query(insert query) when you click the Edit tab to populate the table that is connected to the EditGarments form.
Mar 4 '15 #3

P: 2
@twinnyfo. I've got the query running now and i'll post the other question again. Sorry i didn't know we weren't allowed to upload what we had done, just the code.
@relicx2004, Thank You, I've got the query running now which is great, i've yet to try the 'EditGarments action query' but i'm sure it will work so thank you for that as well.
Mar 8 '15 #4

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,768
It's not so much that you're not allowed Stephan. Simply that it won't help you very much as most experienced posters will avoid something like that posted without being asked (and many can't even, because of network security restrictions).

It simply makes more sense to include all the details of the question (Generally only the one) within the text of the question itself. That way members can read the question simply without the need for the trouble of downloading a database just to find, in many cases, they're not willing or not able to help.

Most members are dealing with multiple questions in a short time so if you make finding what the question is fifty times more long-winded by including some of it in an attachment that needs to be downloaded and opened first, then most will simply ignore the question.

So, it's not an offense. It simply doesn't serve your purpose well.
Mar 9 '15 #5

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