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I cannot get my subform to go to a new record after the first record is entered.

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I have a subform based on a query that the user can choose additional options in the detail portion of the form depending on information in the header. after the first record is entered the tab just goes back to the first control in the first record. I have the child parent linked with the autonumber created for the record when the header is filled out; the form is set to continuous the cycle is current. The field the user chooses has a lookup table formed from a query in the base table in the field in the query I am using for the subform. I have done this many times in Access 2003 but this is Access 2007 and I have had nothing but problems with everything. Can you help?
Feb 24 '14 #1
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Seth Schrock
Expert 2.5K+
P: 2,951
When you say that "the form is set to continuous the cycle is current", which form are you referring to and what exactly are you trying to say as this sentence doesn't make sense. I'm going to guess that you mean that the form cycles the current record. If you have your subform set to cycle the current record, then that is why you aren't being able to tab to a new record. You would need to set it to All Records or use the record navigation buttons to go to the next record.
Feb 24 '14 #2

Expert Mod 5K+
P: 5,397
Any time you requery the parent form, the child form should also requery and the record selector will move to the first record in child's record set.

What is not clear in your question is what you actually desire, I am guessing that you would like for the child form's record selector to move to the last record in the set; however, it also sounds like you want something to happen after the last entry in the parent form's controls.

If you can re-word your question a little bit, perhaps this thread is salvageable? (^_^)
Feb 24 '14 #3

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I will try to explain in more detail my two forms. I have a list of companies that have had safety training classes that are indexed with an auto number in the table created to hold the class session header data ( the one side). I have used the autonumber field as the class session id number. This is the link between parent and child in the two forms. The company offering the training sessions goes to numerous companies world wide and trains one or two employees to teach the fundamental safety classes at the on the site location. The table for the many or detail information is a list of the employees that have been trained to teach the on site fundamental classes. I want the create the subform so that the user can choose which employee has taught the particular class session they are entering in the main form.
The query used to create the subform is query that uses the ta table that has no key because it has to have duplicates a query that comes from the list of employees that have passed their requirement to be trainers on site for the each type of safety class each company is required to have.
I can add the first record on the subform but it will not let me add any more records. I tried changing the cycle on the subform to all records but it did not make any difference. It acts like it is locked after the first record. When I try to choose a second employee is just makes the ding noise when I click in the box. No error message comes up.
I cannot decide if it is the link between forms or the subform itself.
I can choose records in the query behind the subform but I only have one record per main form in the query unless I manually duplicate a record.
Feb 26 '14 #4

Seth Schrock
Expert 2.5K+
P: 2,951
In most (99.999999999999% of the time) every table should have a primary key, even if it has no meaning to the data at all. You can create a multi-field primary key like in a joining table for a many-to-many relationship or just create a new field with an autonumber. This may be part of the problem you are having. I have never tried it so I don't know for sure.

You might also check the relationship between the two tables to make sure that the link allows duplicates. It may be setup as a one-to-one relationship accidentally. This would certainly stop you from being able to have multiple records related.
Feb 26 '14 #5

Expert Mod 5K+
P: 5,397
This thread is really starting to fall apart.

- Please list the names of all of your tables involved with the forms.
- please indicate the relationships, if any, between the tables.
- Please indicate the field with set as the primary key within each table.
- If there are queries, please post the SQL (format the SQL using the [CODE/] button in the toolbar)
Feb 26 '14 #6

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