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share database with web clients

I have an Access 97 database that is used in one location by 8 users.

I have the database split with the front end on each individual computer and the back end is on a separate computer.

They now want to have a “client” use the database for reporting purposes only.

Not sure how to do this. They would like to use a “web portal” to allow them access – but if there’s an easier way I would do it.

- Is it possible to write SQL code in an html file that will access our database if the database is onsite?

- Can this be done without having our database uploaded to a server, or do we need to upgrade the computer which holds the database to be a “server”?

- The client would have a very limited read-only reporting menu. Or maybe I could do a “nightly extract” and then upload the database to a server and I could use a folder on my website to hold the database.

-Really confused… Looking for any advice.
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Since you already have a website you could provide the portal on the host of that website. Or, since apparently the data does not have to be real-time you could create a new website on some other host to prevent any problem with guaranteeing 24/7 access.

Access 97 has something called Data Access Pages. They were discontinued in Access 2007. I used DAP a few times to create just what you are asking for and as I recall, it was really very simple. Review DAP online or in your Access 97 documentation. That will take you where you need to go.

Sep 2 '13 #2
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krizzotti, I am sorry, but I just read that Data Access Pages were not available in 97 but began in Access 2000. I'll do some research about that.
Sep 2 '13 #3
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Wow, you've some work cut out for you!
What an old version too... in some ways this will help you because the newer versions are highly geared for a Sharepoint server (IMHO - not the greatest move by MS); however, because many of us have moved on to V2007/2010 the help may be somewhat limited.

You don't mention what tools you have available to work with so, to some degree, the answer may appear to be somewhat generic; however, it's the best one can do with the information provided.

Two sites that I hope will help you get started with your project:

[edit: DAP will not work... removed the link to it:]

Walkthrough: Creating a Web Page to Display Access Database Data - Visual Studio 2008

Without an active copy of ACC97 on the PC I think that is about as far as I can offer help. You may find something in the old threads on this site as I'm sure such has come up before.

Best of Luck, and if I come across something, I'll post it back.
Sep 2 '13 #4
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How are you with Active Server Pages?
Just ran across this little excerpt from a VERY OLD book (you may want to take a look at the excerpt yourself as I've omitted a lot here):
Teach Yourself Active Server Pages in 24 Hours: Chp Chapter 14: Retrieving Data from a Database
(...)Listing 14.1 is an ASP script that performs a SQL statement against the Northwind database, which ships with Access 97/2000 and SQL Server 7, to obtain a recordset that includes all customers and the number of the orders of each customer who has placed more than seven orders. Now, look at the script; some statements are familiar, and some are new to you. After the listing, the output is shown and the script is explained line by line (...)
(Z: emphasis mine)

So there must be a way to get at the data using a connection string to ACC97 mdb and building the proper pages, sql, etc...

Sorry, ASP is outside of the scope of this forum, if you decide to go that route, you will need to repost the question in the ASP forum.

HOWEVER>>>> IF YOU DO GO THAT ROUTE... please post back a cross link here... that way anyone in the same ACC97 boat as yourself might find the help they need too!


[Edit]Working the ASP angle a little more I've ran across this:
FP98: How to Post Information to a Microsoft Access Database Using ASP
This article describes how to post new information to a Microsoft Access 97 database using FrontPage 98 and Active Server Pages (ASP).
So it can be done.[/edit]
Sep 2 '13 #5
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Note that you are most likely going to have no choice but to host that file yourself if you keep it in '97. I don't think any hosting firm will support the '97 format.

Sep 2 '13 #6
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oopp didn't see this until now:
Insights> publishing access data web
covers the basics
Sep 4 '13 #7
Thanks for everyone’s input. Still confused, but I guess I have a few options at this point:

1 - Upgrade to Access 2012 or 13 and use SharePoint. I believe I can just purchase one copy and distribute the run-time. Cost is a big issue for this small business. With Share Point – it seems that our database would be on the web somewhere and if we lost web connectivity we would not be able to access the database – is that correct? That would be my only concern with that.

2 – Use ASP – don’t know it but could learn

3 – Someone suggested Windows Visual Studio – they have a 30 day trial so I could see if this would work.

I guess the second two options would require us to set up a "server" in-house. Is that accurate? I guess we would have to purchase server software and that would be where the link from the website points to. This would also allow the in-house computers and the web clients to share the same real-time data. Is that correct?

Trying to find a solution where the data is real-time. That is part of what I don’t understand. We want the users to come in and have a list of reports, choose one and enter different parameters – so they have to go against the real-time database. If not real-time, I guess there would be some way of doing a nightly upload.
Sep 5 '13 #8

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