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Quick filter disappear when used on one field in datasheet view

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This is quite strange, I've a form with a subform, the subform is in datasheet view and when i filter it by using dropdown checkboxes on one column i cant use it on another column, if a use the same recordsource quary in quarydesign view I can filter how many coulmns by using dropdown checkboxes. Is this some sort of limitation in access 2007 that prevent multiple fields to geet filtered by these dropdown checkboxes?
Oct 24 '12 #1
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P: 25
those dropdown checkboxes seem to be called "quick filters" and they work on multiple columns in sqldesign view . However, they dont work on multiple columns in a form datasheet view? sould i abandon this idea and start programing searchboxes and souch in the main form or can I get this multiple quickfilters to work in datasheet view
Oct 24 '12 #2

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Please do not bump your threads.

Most of the people here have other jobs, for example I work in a lab, and fit answers into the day as time permits.
We are not paid; thus, your patience is appreciated. In the mean time I suggest reading thru the numerous insight articles on this site as there are some really interesting topics and solutions to common and not so common puzzles... note the time I took to post this... I could have use looking into your question. Instead... my timer is beeping at me so off I go to the lab again.
Oct 24 '12 #3

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Sorry, didn't mean to bump my thread however I wanted to clearify my question. I didn't realize there where any rules on how to post questions i guess thats something you'll learn by experiance
Oct 24 '12 #4

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Not to worry; however there is the FAQ and if you will click on the answers tab there are two topics about posting and questions.

Current: Window7(64)-MSA2010
I've taken three of my test databases and have inserted subforms both as bound and unbound in various forms... In all cases the "Quick" filters were available when the sub-form default view was set to "datasheet."

I could set more that one selection/condition/sort across multiple fields using the "quick" filters.

This may be an issue with your specific form or something running in your code. The one thing I did note is that when the "quick filter" was set, the dropdown icon changed to up/down-arrow or funnel (as expected); however the other dropdown icons became very small... you might hoover over the right side of the field to see what shows.
Oct 24 '12 #5

P: 25
Thank you for taking the time to help me! I use MSA2007 so maybe thats the problem? Or could it perhaps be something with how the existing fields had been added some setting or name on them?? I can use filters on all the columns but these checkboxes only work with one (the first) column.
Oct 24 '12 #6

P: 25
I manage to solve this problem eventually, so if any other came across the same problem it would seem that if you create a form and choose your own records scource and then add existing field it seems that you're unable to use several check box filters, HOWEVER, if you first create a SQL statment which you save and then drag that SQL to the form you want and let formwizard create the form you will be able to use filter on every column instead of just one!
Oct 30 '12 #7

Expert Mod 5K+
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Your workaround may be valid in v2007; however, in v2010 I was unable to re-create your bug by any method I could try, for example:
I created forms using the wizard based on a simple query, a left-inner, and a union
I also created forms from scratch, building the record source by hand as above.
I didn't try a crosstab... didn't see the point there. :)
Additionally, I have a few dynamic forms where the record source is built at runtime and set via VBA on form load.

IN none of these cases was I unable to use the quick filter drop downs and select multiple filters.
As I noted before... the icons tend to get smaller and hard to see.
The other thing of note... depending on the order of filter check boxes selected, sometimes a value would not be avaible in another field; however, that is to be expected as those records had been filtered out - this is what I'm starting to suspect is happening in your case.
Oct 31 '12 #8

P: 1
I have a similar issue. I have several very complex forms and all of a sudden the quick filters stopped working. I've been doing heavy development over the last 4 weeks and I'm not sure when they stopped working ... but they did.

This is also in Access 2007.

I will try Tobasco's recommendation.

Ok. I think I have the definitive solution.

The problem applies to:

- Split Forms

- Where the form datasource is a query containing a reference to a form using the syntax "[Forms]![FormName]![FieldName]"

For some reason, using that syntax in a query as a form datasource "can" cause the quick filters to stop working on some split forms.

The workaround:

- Create a new query "around" the query with the Forms! reference.

- Essentially, this new query is just "SELECT *" of the old query.

- Then, use the new query as the datasource for the split form.

... and your quickfilters should work again.
Nov 8 '13 #9

P: 1
Indeed, this 'quick filtering' option in MS Access can't work with 'calculated' fields (even a basic concatenate). I've noticed that from the testing i've made.
Also, suppose you change a datasheet textbox into a dropdown list, and then put any formula in its RowSource definition, it won't work either (list of possible value won't be available for pick up)...
Nov 13 '14 #10

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