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Access database of .pdf files?????

P: 27
I'm trying to add .pdf files for easy access to an existing inventory database, without duplicating the entry since 1 .pdf may correspond to multiple inventory entries already in the system. pdf's seem to be the hardest type of file in incorporate into an Access Database so any help would be wonderful. Am I missing something completely simple here? Thanks for your help.
Sep 7 '12 #1
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You will need to explain some more. Are you trying to store the .pdf files? or link to allready existing pdf files? Or create a storage of pdf files on the file server?
Sep 7 '12 #2

P: 27
Currently all of the .pdfs are stored on a file server but there is no link to my inventory database and one .pdf may apply to multiple entries in the database as well.
Sep 7 '12 #3

Expert Mod 5K+
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Sorry, you still don't make sense here.

So, let's start with the basics.
For a moment - pass over the pdf being related to several other things... we need the basics.

Which version of MS Access are you using?
Are you trying to embed the pdf file into the database?
Are you trying to create a table that shows where in the network the pdf is located?
How are you doing this with the other file formats that you mention being successful with?

Sep 7 '12 #4

P: 27
Ok sorry.... Using MS Access '03, I figured the easiest option was to take what it already on the server in a file and create a table with it so I can identify it easier. I'm dealing with pieces of metal they have an OD (outer dimension), an ID (Inner dimension), a Spec code for example 655 or 20H, as well as a specific bar number for each piece of metal. One material certification (which is the .pdf file) can be for several bar numbers. I already have the database set up so that if you enter a purchase order number for a job you can see the bar number that was used to make it, I just need to extend it so that I can also get the material cert. as well. The rest of my data is loaded by an ODBC connection. Hope this extra information helps let me know if you still need more info in order to help.
Sep 10 '12 #5

Expert Mod 5K+
P: 5,397

Maybe a tad clearer.

What I am getting here is that you have a series of pdf files that are some sort of certificate for the anylsis of the material in question.
These pdf files are stored on your network in some directory... say "G:\barcert\*.pdf"

You have a database (that we hope is normalized) and in that database you are tracking a product called "bars"

I can only offer the basic concept here as I don't know the actual logic/design of the database you're working with:

I figure you have some tables along these lines:

And I am hoping that you understand normalization


Now I don't know the design of your database so I'm working somewhat blind...

Here's what I would do next.

[certificationpk] autonumber, primary key
[certificationtitle] text(50) required
[certificationdescription] text(50) required
[certificationfilepath] hyperlink required
... there maybe more

So, say in the table you have related purchase orders to production say in tbl_inventory you might have:
[inventoryprimarykey] autonumber pk
[production_fk] - numeric, long, foriegn key to tbl_production (1 to many)
[purchaseorder_fk] - numeric, long, foriegn key to tbl_purchaseorders (1 to many)
[certification_fk] - numeric, long, foriegn key to tbl_certificationpdfs (1 to many) <<Edit<<

Now, each inventory can have all the related information and multiples from the related tables.

Sep 11 '12 #6

P: 27
that helps a lot actually but one last question it seems like a long process to add just 1 .pdf file into '03 MS Access is there an easy way to do a batch, like 50 .pdf files at one time?
Sep 12 '12 #7

Expert Mod 5K+
P: 5,397
There is a way...
You can use the DIR function to return the contents of a given directory either into an array or a collection.
I have an array code if you can't find something on the net or in you textbooks.
You then itterate thru the collection and ether do an update/append query to the correct table.
Sep 12 '12 #8

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