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Separate a single report into multiple reports

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I have over 150 customers, of which maybe a couple dozen or so have active information at any time. I have a single "Customer Report" which is formatted and set to page break for each new customer via 'force new page'.

Information for customers are updated throughout the morning, some of which are prompt and can be sent, others which may not be updated til later in the day. I had 2 ideas in mind

1. Can I make some kind of form or something that would populate itself with the active reports listed out. Where as the user can see all active reports and single out ones to view, print, or send as needed.

-Customer Report Form-
  • Customer 1's Report [Preview] [Print] [email]
  • Customer 2's Report [Preview] [Print] [email]

2. Was to just wait til ALL info is updated and send out all at once, I've searched the internet and came up with this...
I am not having luck implementing this, I am not certain where to put the code or what needs to be edited to make it work for my database. It points to several items so where do i start, make a new form for report management only?

There has got to be a solution other than creating a separate report for every customer, as this was my first idea.

Any help, ideas, suggestions would be appreciated.
Jul 12 '12 #1

✓ answered by zmbd

It sounds like you should be able to define a parameter query that feeds a report. Then you could pull report by customer.

See if this puts you on the right track.


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It sounds like you should be able to define a parameter query that feeds a report. Then you could pull report by customer.

See if this puts you on the right track.

Jul 12 '12 #2

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That is definitely a start... but not giving me results i need, i got the dialog box to display - but when i select a item and click ok, i still receive the full report. I think this would be a great solution.

I have a query which collects data I wish to share with my customer(s), it is not limited to 1 record per customer. so what i need it to do is, display in the combo box customers displayed in that query (only once, so if customer A has 4 records, I wouldn't want "customer A" to appear 4 times on the combo box. One step further if I could have the customer appear in the combo box with its count of records (i.e. "Customer A (4)") that would be great too.
Jul 13 '12 #3

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Your report needs to use the query as the record source.

Are you able to create a simple select query that returns just the desired records for a single customer? Nothing fancy here, no popup questions, no forms, etc... just a simple one such as:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. SELECT [Field1],
  2.        [Field2],
  3.        [Field3]
  4. FROM   tbl_one
  5. WHERE ([Field1]=1);
Jul 13 '12 #4

Expert Mod 15k+
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Larry, if you have something that needs to be included in the question, then please include it. I (read any of the experts) don't want to go off somewhere to study a separate page just to get the info on your question I will need in order to help you. You (read any member posting questions) have the responsibility to include all information that is relevant to the question. I think if you consider this for just a fraction of a second you'll see it makes sense.

As it happens, the page wasn't even available when I looked, so I'm flying somewhat blind anyway, but it seems to me the question breaks down into two separate items :
  1. How do I identify the required records?
  2. How do I get just those records to print?
  1. The simplest approach is to have a boolean field in the table which is reflected on the form as a CheckBox.
    Otherwise, add some interface to your form whereby you note the ID of every record that you select by double-clicking or some similar method.
  2. For the former approach simply design the report to select only those records with the boolean flag set.
    For the latter you should formulate a list of the IDs in a string, with each item separated by a comma (,) then formulate this into a filter string. EG. Assuming an ID field called [ID] and ID values of 1, 3 & 5, you would want the following string :
    Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
    1. ([ID] In(1,3,5))
    When the filter string is ready pass it to the DoCmd.OpenReport() call using the WhereCondition parameter.
Jul 14 '12 #5

P: 5
I have it working great, the user selects the report and a popup allows them to select a customer, and the report displays perfectly. I was even able to have the report name itself via on load and me.caption (this is all new to me so I was excited to get it working)

I am now playing around with the new "Navigation Form" feature, where the the user can click the nav tab (which is always displayed) on top to recall the report and select new criteria which displays in the frame below.

This brings me to one more inquiry, <SNIP>
Jul 16 '12 #6

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